“Don’t ask, don’t tell” recently has been discussed for appealing the policy so gay people won’t have to hide their orientations and they keep bringing up that DADT violates the first amendment. I’m against the policy because I think no one should have to hide themselves or who they are as a person. DADT can cause homophobia because it will make society think gay people have something wrong with them.

It also shouldn’t matter the orientation of a person that wants to serve for their country. Nobody should have to hide who they are, how they live, no one should. An air force Maj. Michael Almy, deployed three times in Iraq, agreed to accept an honorable, discharge after another service member, without permission, searched Almy’s private e-mails and read his personal messages. He fought his dismissal for 16 months but didn’t have a chance The orientation of a person shouldn’t matter especially if they want to serve for their country. A gay person’s orientation will not impact their performance as a soldier.

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So it shouldn’t matter if someone is gay, if they want to serve for their country then let them. Who are we to say they can’t if we aren’t doing it ourselves. Serving aside someone who is gay may make that person uncomfortable and it can distract them from their concentration. I disagree with this argument. I would tell that person they are wrong because someone else’s life style is none of their business.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” is in discussion for appeal because it violates the first amendment. I’m against the law because it should matter if you are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. If you want to serve for this country then so be it. DADT can lead people to think gay people have something wrong with them and cause homophobia. We should let gay people be themselves because we aren’t serving, they are.