SB 1070

In Arizona there is a law called SB1070, which allows police officers to stop you and ask for your proof of legal residence. If you don’t have a residence that proves that you’re here legally, they could turn you into Immigration and Custom Enforcement also known as ICE. I am against SB1070. We shouldn’t be asked for proof of our legal residence. It’s unconstitutional, and targets all Latino looking people. We shouldn’t be asked for our legal residence, especially for children.

Last week on the news there was a woman that had been pulled over for doing slightly passing a stop sign while driving. In the car were the woman’s mother and daughter. She was an illegal immigrant, so they put handcuffs on her, her mother, and daughter. Her daughter is only 11 years old, but they didn’t care. They still put handcuffs on her. Could you imagine the horrible impact on the little girl with handcuffs on, when she had not done anything wrong? This law is unconstitutional.

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It targets all Latino looking people. There are a lot of people that look Hispanic or Latino but they aren’t. You shouldn’t be stopped because the color of your skin or because of how you look. True, there might be a lot of people that disagree with m, because they say that there is a high amount of immigrants. Perhaps they just don’t want to accept change.

I understand that Americans want what’s best for their people. However they always want to be the superior country and don’t even want Americans to struggle. This law is not the answer; there are more ways of solving this problem. I disagree with the law that was passed in Arizona, SB1070. My position is against SB1007. We shouldn’t be asked for our legal residence.

I believe it’s unconstitutional. It targets all Latino looking people. Please help stop this law; your help could make a difference in someone’s life.