Removable Law: SB1070 Arizona Law

The SB1070 Arizona Law is a law that targets mainly Mexicans. Any suspicion of being an illegal immigrant and you will be sent to jail. I am against this law because it is racially profiling and because it is not necessary.

This law should be removed because America is for everybody. Another reason why it should be removed is because “illegal immigrants” make our economy better. America is suppose to be for everybody. America was built from people all around the world. America is suppose to be the land of the free and where dreams come true.

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America is suppose to be hate-free and open to everybody. But yet there is still discrimination. People need to realize that everybody should be treated equally. We are all human and all should be treated like human. Immigrants are the ones that keep our economy stable and even make it better.

They are some of the hardest workers. They do all the jobs that nobody wants to do. They come to America with a working mentality and just want a better life for themselves and their families. Some of them just come to be with their families. Nobody should ever be prevented of being with their family.

Can you imagine how many businesses would go out of business because of the loss of their “illegal” employees? Someone who disagrees might say that illegal immigrants take up all the jobs. That person would be wrong because mostly the only jobs that “illegal” immigrants have are tough jobs, like working in the fields. If they were sent away, I don’t think anybody would want to work there. They are the ones that give us our food. They make us a big favor by doing all the tough and important jobs that need to be done and that is why I thing that they need to be thanked instead of hated. The SB1070 Arizona Law is trying to get rid of Mexicans, which is very unconstitutional.

The SB1070 Arizona Law is very discriminative against Mexicans and the law should be removed. Anybody who is against this law should stand for what is right and speak out and perhaps start a boycott.