Apostle John

It is a pleasure to write to you, Apostle. Please receive warm greetings from my family and me as well as from many other people that love you and your teachings.

It has been a while that my family and I have endeavored to study the book of Revelation which you authored according to the revelations that you received from the Almighty God. The main aim of writing this letter is to find out more information about who can qualify to live in that residence and also the benefits of living there. Please, assure me that all forms of pain and death will not exist in the new residence. My family and I are thirst and have all along struggled to overcome the evils listed in Revelation 21: 8 such as magic arts which will disqualify me from getting into this residence. Instead, they want to belong to the residence shining with the glory of God.

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Now that there are twelve gates into the new residence, shall we have the right to choose the gate through which to get into the city or there are conditions for each person to enter through a particular gate? Please, highlight the reasons for laying the city as a square and explain why the measurements of gates and walls are so specific and accurate. The security of this residence seems to be a priority since there are twelve foundations of different precious stones, is that so? I do not foresee the need of coming to this residence with our nice shoes or sandals for the streets will be made of pure gold. Finally, Apostle, I am glad that this city will not need the sunlight nor moonlight for God himself will be the light for the day, and his Son will be a lamp which means I will not need to buy lamps for my house. It is even more amazing that there will be no night! Please elaborate on this since I do not imagine life without sleep. I have a great passion of entering this city, but I am informed that I must be pure so that the names of my family and me may be written in the Lamb’s book of life you have talked about.