Saint Paul the Apostle

St. Paul the apostle was amongst the most influential people to the spread of Christianity. He trekked around the Mediterranean Sea giving out the word of Christ.

Through him the new religion began its course of becoming the most followed religion in the world. However Paul wasn’t always a follower. Originally Paul was known as Saul, a acclaimed Jew taught by some of the greatest rabbi’s in Jerusalem. He became recognized as knowing the Hebrew scriptures like no else eventually becoming a Pharisee. At this time a new uprising known as “The Way” which was the roots of Christianity’s beginning.

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Saul was infuriated by these people as it was part of his job to defend his religion bu this also infuriated him on a personal level that people were following someone cursed by god’s law. He sought to persecute the Christians and even saw them murdered at his feet. Saul was on his way to Damascus to see to the ‘troublesome’ Christians. Out of nowhere a burning lights shone from the heavens throwing Saul to the ground. A voice bellowed “Saul, Why are you persecuting me?” Saul was blinded and his peers were awestruck. The voice continued “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting! Now go to the city and you will be told what to do.

” In the city a man named Ananias was told by god to meet Saul and that he would heal Saul’s blindness. Ananias was terrified due to Saul’s reputation towards Christians but the lord told him Saul would spread the gospel to all the nations. In Damascus Ananias found Saul and amazingly Saul’s blindness was cured. Saul was anew with Christ and would be referred to as Paul. The cleansed Paul began fearlessly began preaching to the Jews in Damascus. His preaching became so controversial rumors of plots to murder him spread.

Though he was new to the scene Paul wasn’t deterred to the point where he had to escape the city by being lowered down the city walls in a basket. Paul traveled to Jerusalem to meet Jesus himself. Its said that he and Jesus would Converse for hours. The Jerusalem church came to a decision to make Paul the evangelizer of the nations.

So Paul set out for his first debut to make his mark in the world. Paul sailed to Cyprus and the surrounding district. He experience very mixed effects on different cities he reached. Some embraced his teachings while others rejected it stubbornly. On multiple occasions the mission was forced to evacuate the city they were in. Paul used many shrewd tactics in the areas he preached such as convincing people they were healed by Christs ways and the promise of a everlasting afterlife.

At one city the onlookers came to a point where they believed Saul was Jupiter(Greek’s Zeus) himself in human form. The first mission had come to a finale, he returned to Jerusalem. Paul became restless however and embarked on yet another journey in the lords name. He targeted the land of Macedonia and they reached an very unruly city unbeknownst to them. The people were outraged at the mission and rioted against them leading to Paul being thrown in jail.

However God was on Paul’s side and a massive earthquake shook the prison doors open and Paul escaped. Undeterred Paul traveled from city to city slowly a backbone of followers was forming. Though some openly insulted and laughed at the teachings an impact within was being created. Through all the life threatening nightmares Paul was brave and he was still driving strong at the end of his second mission. Astonishingly enough Paul wasn’t ready to stop and planned yet another journey.

In many cities Paul received great respect for his well thought preaching. He experienced much more calm people towards the edge of Asia and left a lasting memory of his presence. Many of his followers were solemn at his departure to go back to Jerusalem. On his travels back he stopped at some cities where many people told him of of the dangers in Jerusalem now. Paul didn’t heed the warnings which would create many consequences. Once he arrived in Jerusalem an angry mob attacked nearly killing him but Roman soldiers protected him.

He was arrested and locked away for two years. Though it may seem like a hapless fate it was a time that would create many ideas and views into his life. In jail Paul wrote numerous letters that made up much of the chapters in the Bible such as Ephesians, Philippians, Colssians, and Philemon. These were very influential going deep into the grounds and ways of Christians. Originally a tragedy resulted in theological treasures for the world.

The passionate teachings and interpretations of Paul brought clarity and understanding to Christianity. Through his fearless leading and devoted companions impacted the views and amount of followers of Christianity. Paul once said “where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty.” This reflects is astounding passion for Christianity. His accomplishments would alter the world for centuries to come. Works Citied 1.

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