Mother Teresa, a Saint

“In this life we cannot do great things.We can only do small things with great love” (“Mother Teresa Quotes – Mother Teresa of Calcutta”).Few people accomplish an extraordinary goal in their life. However, by doing simple actions you can achieve great results.One woman used her desire to help, which lead to thousands of lives being touched.

Through small acts of kindness lives were changed.Mother Teresa, a catholic nun, served those in need, including the poor and disabled. The journey of giving began early in her life.Being raised by a religious mother (“Mother Teresa of Calcutta”) in the Catholic faith, at a young age she wanted to spread the word of God (“Mother Teresa”).At 18, “she left her parental home in Skopje and joined the Sisters of Loreto, an Irish community of nuns with missions in India” (“Mother Teresa – Biographical”).

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Mother Teresa never saw her mother or sister after leaving (“Mother Teresa”).She gave up the support of a family because a calling to the holy spirit was so prominent.With a servant’s heart and a love for God, she set out to change the world.In India on May 24, 1931, Mother Teresa became an official nun.Teaching at St. Mary’s High School (1931-1948), she witnessed the poverty and struggle outside of the school.

After leaving the school, with permission, she devoted herself to working with the poor (“Mother Teresa – Biographical”).Mother Teresa has always put others before herself.She succeeded in many of her accomplishments by relying on her faith.With a heart to help the less privileged, Mother Teresa helped many people but at the same time gave up her own personal opportunities. Mother Teresa set out on a new mission from God.She had a “call within a call” which resulted in what is now Missionaries of Charity.

In 1985, she opened a house called “Gift of Love” for AIDS patients (“Mother Teresa of Calcutta”).The foundations serve, “the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for” (“Mother Teresa”).Mother Teresa worked with those that nobody else wanted to.She cared and ministered to those that were often overlooked by society.Mother Teresa received the Nehru Prize for encouraging international peace and understanding, Nobel Peace Prize (1979) for her work helping suffering humanity (“Mother Teresa – Biographical”), and many other awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Ronald Reagan (“Mother Teresa”).Mother Teresa used her life to help the helpless, and the world recognized all the work she has done.

By the time she won the Nobel Peace Prize, Missionaries of Charities was in 123 countries (“Mother Teresa of Calcutta”).Not only did she help those in Calcutta, but all over the world.The effort she put into everything she did and all that she believed is what made her so successful. The name Mother Teresa is associated with kindness and goodwill. Mother Teresa’s views and experiences encouraged her to pursue the path that was chosen.The goal for Missionaries of Charity was “to quench the thirst of Jesus on the cross for love and souls”(“Mother Teresa of Calcutta”).

She did not only want to help others find the love of Jesus, but for them to know the feeling of being loved.All people should feel loved and needed, that is what she wanted for others to achieve.During her nobel lecture, Mother Teresa talked about how she visited an institution.The parents there had everything, but all they did was look at the door longing for a visit from their children and family (“Mother Teresa – Biographical”).Mother Teresa did not want anyone to have a feeling that they were not good enough. The peace and love that she saw for the world is how everyone should look at each other.

She promoted the well being of others to the world through her work. In conclusion, the impact of her actions affected so many lives for the better.She touched the lives of countless people, gave them love and support when they felt like they had none.Mother Teresa’s goal was to show the “unwanted, unloved, uncared for” (“Mother Teresa.”) that they were not forgotten, and she saw peace for the world.She attained much of her goal and spread the message she intended.Maybe there would be more peace if everyone had the same look on the world and vision for the future as her.Mother Teresa’s presence and mark on the world will forever be remembered.