Paul’s Education

Paul, an apostle of Jesus, was an educated man. Paul knew things of the world better than the other disciples, and Paul was able to relate these things to his teachings.

Education made Paul an outstanding apostle, and he became an authentic messenger of Christ (Hock 23). Paul had an education, and this made Paul an effective speaker; he spoke to different groups of people, and, in every group, Paul gave messages that were relevant to people (Hock 25). For instance, the epistles are written to different people, and they address their experiences in relation to th Messiah. Paul’s education enabled him to write these letters effectively. Paul also understood the rabbinical readings; he was able to tell people that these readings were related to the Messiah.Paul understood the Greek history and philosophy, and he managed to connect the Greek mythology to the coming of the Messiah.

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Consequently, Paul taught that the Greeks had been waiting for the Messiah, and Jesus was that Messiah. Therefore, Paul became a convincing preacher; he told the Greeks that they had been worshiping the Messiah (Jesus Christ) for a very long time (Paver 147). Paul also understood the law, and he understood the limitations of the law; Paul knew that he would suffer, and so he was prepared for persecution (Osmer 204). This enabled him preach with vigor since he was not sure when the authorities would nail him. In addition, through education, Paul traveled much, and he knew a lot of places.

Therefore, this enabled him to go to many places to preach the news of the risen Messiah.In conclusion, education played a big role in Paul’s ministry, and it put him at the forefront of spreading the gospel in the early church.