Daily Actions Can Determine Our Future

He had big dreams. Since he was a kid, he used to play by himself and his favorite game was: When I grow up I will be… But no one told him that everything was going to be easy, no one told him that it is so easy dreaming about who he wanted to be, but the worst part was that no one told him that to accomplish his dreams he had to fight since the beginning and trying to be the best version of himself every single day of his life. This was what happened to Cody, a really smart boy that never learned what having study habits, working hard, and thinking clear about the future was, and it paid him off at the end. Cody is the only child in the family, he was born in Boston where he lived until he was eighteen years old.

Because he is the only child, he has always been the mommy little baby and he knows that. He could describe his parents as an incredible parents, but the only problem that they did not saw was that they never taught him what working hard to get what he wanted was; he just had to say what he wanted and he was going to have it. Since he was a kid people could tell he was really smart, he was that type of people that can retain good information easily. He was also a really good athlete, he start playing soccer when he was six years old. Cody got to middle school, nothing he was not expecting. It was not hard at all for him, his ability of remembering things easily made middle school an easy stage where he passed through.

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As almost everyone, he just had common problems with one or two classes, but overall it was pretty good for him. However, he had been acquiring bad habits through the time. Because of his skills, Cody never knew what studying for test or sitting to do real homework meant. Nobody paid attention to those problems because again, middle school was not hard for him and his grades were really good. Another stage started in his life, high school. To be honest, he did not expect everything was going to be completely different.

Professors, different requirements for each class, discussions assignments, and more homework and more responsibilities. Bad habits kept, but this time he did not have the result that he had before in middle school. The dilemma of “I do not want to keep studying” started in his sophomore year of high school because studying used to be so easy and it was just impossible to get an “A” doing the same that he was used to do. However the only reason he had to going to class was soccer and the dream of getting a college scholarship for soccer was his motivation to keep playing. His junior year of high school was the worst one, it was pretty bad.

He barely got a 2.4 GPA and studying harder was not an option for him. Besides that, he stopped playing soccer. His rebellion made him think that no one had the right to be next to him what or not to do and his ongoing discussion with his coach made him kicked out of the team. Even when his parents love him so much, he started having problems with them because the realized that he was doing everything wrong. They start telling him about how important having good grades and starting thinking what he wanted to do in the future was.

Did he pay attention? No at all. For him they just wanted to bother him, it is why he never listened to them. Parties and “friends” started to appear and if studying harder was not an option before, it did not even passed through his mind in his senior year of high school. Any ways he thought that studying just a little bit to get a “C” and using web pages to find answers without opening a book was so much easier. The biggest problems and questions started that year. What do I am going to do?, where am I going to study?, what do I want to study?, do I want to keep studying?, etc.

Those were the questions that he had in his mind. He started to get scared. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. In the other hand, getting a scholarship for soccer was not an option anymore since he stopped playing. With too many concerns in mind, his senior year was really fast and he graduated with a 2.

8 GPA. Because is trajectory through high school was a disaster, he did not even know where he was going to study, and of course he had no idea what he wanted to study. Even when his father told him problem that he could have id he decided to go to a community college while transferring, getting a job in the future, and the quality of the education. He decided going to Western Nebraska Community College. His major? Undecided.

Looking for a major to study, his freshman and sophomore year he just took general studies. His grades were way better than they were in high school, he finished his first two years of college with a 3.0 GPA. Time was passing and the fact that he did not know what to study was stressing him pretty bad. His freshman and sophomore year he did improve his GPA but he did not feel he was doing the right things. Being in that community college he felt like he was in middle school again because he was taking just general studies.

Those two two first years of college were really fast; now he had other question in his head, where he was going to transfer to. He looked a bunch of universities and finally he decided to transfer to Nebraska at Kearney University. Transferring to Nebraska at Kearney University was a real problem for him he could not transfer the credits of some classes and he also had an important decision to make. What he was going to study. Besides all the problem he finally moved to Nebraska and he decided to study Business Management.

When classes started he really realize thatliked what he was studying. Classes started being harder and harder since the first day, even that it was really complicated he got a 3.0 GPA in his junior year. He did not realized it but he was finally changing, everything started making sense and he could see how bad he had been doing everything in the last five or six years of his life. It was finally his senior year of college. It was probably the best year of his college career, or at least the year where he felt good with himself.

His grades were really good but the biggest concern started too, he as looking for job to start before graduate from college. In every single application the most important requirements were experience and accumulative college GPA, and guess what? He did not have any of them. In that moments he knew that even when that last years was being his best year there were many actions that he could not change anymore, and that maybe those decision that made were going to pay off in a bad way. Graduation day got there and he did not have a job yet. He had filled many application out but he had not gotten an answer from any of the companies he had applied for. Even when he did not want, he took the only choice that he had.

He found a job in a night club, he was going to be a bartender until he kept looking for a better job where he could use his college degree It has passed four years since Cody graduated from college and he still working in that night club, he also still looking for a job. Through his years in college he did not take care of getting an internship or doing something to acquire experience and see how his future job was going to look like. The possibility of having fun was always more important than working hard and doing things right to try of taking care of his future. His last year of college was really stressed because he spend almost the entire year applying for jobs, but when he was doing his resume he could see that there were not much to write on it because what did he do the last ten years of his life? Nothing, just took a bunch of bad decisions d was in that moment when every single year of high school and college passed through his mind, and was in that moment when he realize how different could be if he had listened and done at his father told him many times, and if he had taken the right way in every situation that life put in his way.