My Daily Battle

Procrastinating is one of the many dreadful battles I face everyday. Whether if I am studying for a test or simply finishing up an assignment, my mind continues to avert away from the task at hand. A certain ingenious device also plays a significant role influencing my behavior and although at times I am consumed with lethargy, determination usually overcomes me whenever an assignment is due in less than 24-hours. Completing my coursework without stalling can be an everyday challenge. The second I enter my precious den is the moment my willpower begins to deteriorate.

One by one, I can feel my brain cells weaken as fatigue settles in. Frustrated and unwilling to subject to this plague even further, I retrieve the books from my unkempt satchel in hopes of conquering this disease. As I gaze upon the scattered items in front of me, my mind once again torments me and like always, I become sidetracked. A million irrelevant thoughts run across my head as I search for a way out of the worksheets before me. Unsuccessful at my attempt, I simply sigh in aggravation and continue to complete my homework.

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No matter how hard I try, my brain remains drawn to other topics. As I turn away no longer able to fully concentrate, a taunting chime begins to sound from a distance. Seduced by the sudden outburst, I am forced to retrieve the item located on top of my floral bag. Glancing at the cell phone before me, I notice an incoming text from my cousin and I take a quick break to answer it while scrolling through social media apps like Facebook.

While on Instagram, I catch a glimpse of a mouthwatering plate of French fries and I can already taste the salt on my lips. Irritated with the technology in my hand, I swiftly toss the tantalizing item onto my bed. This cycle continues to repeat throughout the entire evening until I reach my breaking point. Once I feel my eyelids start to jerk, I know it’s time to focus because a new syndrome called “If you don’t finish in less than 24-hours your grade will plummet” hits me and this is exactly the motivation I need to go from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds. My hand travels from one tedious document to the next and with each paper completed, I am one step closer to smelling the fresh detergent of Downy that currently lingers within the fabrics of my sheets. When I am finally done with all of my assignments, I immediately make my way to a queen sized bed where I will spend the next six hours inhaling a very familiar scent.

Although I complete my assignments on time, it is still difficult to finish when these distractions is the cause of my procrastination. The brain is a powerful thing and mine clouds my thinking while a particular Apple gadget seems to steal my attention. With these interruptions surrounding me, it is no wonder I always find myself beginning assignments after my diversions delay me.