Daniel Domscheit Berg to Open Openleaks in Coming Months

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, was charged for sexually abusing two Swedish women, and while he was in court this past week, his colleagues were at work to finish the project of Openleaks.

Many people worked with Julian Assange to create Wikileaks and reveal information using hundreds of thousands of cables. Since Wikileaks was destroyed, loyal workers for Julian Assange like Herbert Snorasson and Daniel Domscheit-Berg are creating a new website called Openleaks, which is still being tested and may open in a few more months. Openleaks will expose information that the founders of Openleaks believe people should know. Openleaks differs from Wikileaks in that the information posted cannot be revealed to the entire public. While Julian Assange is in court this week for sexually abusing two Swedish women, Herbert Snorasson, Daniel Domscheit- Berg, and others plan on creating this website and finishing it in the coming months. According to Reuters, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a worker close to Julian Assange, believes that people should know information that countries do not want their people to hear.

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Some people are denied freedom of speech but Openleaks.org would provide opinions of other people and news that countries are keeping a secret. According to Reuters, Daniel Domscheit- Berg said “We have to create transparency where it is refused.” Domscheit- Berg plans to bring news to places where the news is hidden. Julian Assange created Wikileaks in order for the public to see this information, but some information was not kept confidential.

The public has access to reveal information anonymously, but the information is only revealed to few people. This method will cancel the arguments between Openleaks supporters and governments around the world. This would end secrecy as well as connect people with the world around them. Domscheit-Berg wants news to be spread about what is going on in the world today, like the controversies in Egypt. As reported in Reuters, Daniel Domscheit- Berg vows to not make the same mistakes of Julian Assange. Assange made it easy for any organization to see the information on Wikileaks which resulted in controversies between Assange and governments around the world.

Daniel Domscheit- Berg is continuing this site because he does not agree with secrecy, but has made sure that the information posted will not be revealed to all organizations. According to Reuters, Domscheit- Berg understands that the posts put on Openleaks need refining before organizations are allowed to see them. Wikileaks posted information that had not been looked over and disputed on whether they should be allowed to put the information on Wikileaks. This added to the arguments between Julian Assange and governments around the world.