De Beers Billion Dollar Ideas

De Beers concentrated on ‘heavy users’ as their targeted audience as this type of consumers already own more than eight pieces of diamond Jewelry. Irish shows that they already know the value of the diamond Jewelry and De Beers is focusing on increasing the lifelong value.

Moreover, De Beer’s communication objective was to create awareness and desire in their targeted audience regarding the Beacons campaign. This creates a long-term strategy and brand loyalty.

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Lastly, emotional values were implemented by creating the means and relevance invoked awards the customers around the Beacons campaign; the three stones in the rings symbolizing the three stages of love. Q: Applying Maguire’s information processing paradigm, discuss the campaign approach Maguire’s Information Paradigm. The message is Presented to the target audience.

Rhea target audience Pays Attention to the message. Rhea target audience must Comprehend what is in the message. Once target understands the message, they must now Yield or positively accept the arguments in the message.

The target audience must Retain the arguments resented to them. If the message is ultimately successful, the target audience will in fact Behave as urged by the message Q: Discuss the impact of the planning sequence on the campaign.

Step One: Target Audience Action “Heavy users” of diamond Jewelry. Step Two: Communication Effects Category need, brand attitude, and brand awareness. Step Three: Processing Created new occasions to buy the beacons range. Emotional authenticity and ability for the target audience to relate to the narrative. – Campaign’s advertisements and press create brand recall

Step Four: Exposure Media Selection of television and call to arms press Media Scheduling of exposure around dates where love is a theme, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc. Q; Identify possible objectives set by De Beers in its strategic communications planning.

-To increase the brand awareness of product in the US diamond Jewelry market -Increase the sales value of the existing Three Stone Range by associating a specific meaning to the product -To establish and build lifelong customers and increase repeat purchase behavior -Increase brand loyalty