Dean Foods Environmental Impact

Man’s habitat is no longer safe as it once was. Deliberate actions to alter the natural environment have continued to affect its self sustainability. This essay is a research paper that seeks to explain one of the controversial global issues regarding the environment. The paper goes beyond explaining the global economic impacts of large economic organization. It keenly scrutinizes global impacts of a selected organization based in the US and with branches in the UK.

It is keen on supremacy battles in large economic organizations, often known as corporations, and the impacts they live in their endeavor to establish themselves within a competitive society. The paper concentrates on an organization that dates back to the 1925. The paper is organized into consistent paragraphs under specified subtopics. It begins with an introduction that briefly identifies the organization in question, outlines the key points of the discussion and sets the pace for the discussion, following thereafter. The body is a critical discussion that analyses the impacts the organization has in the environment and on people. The essay coms to an end with an emphatic conclusion, based on the discussion advanced in the body.

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Dean’s food is a globally recognized processor of foods and beverages. Most of its processing and distribution plants are located in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Some of its products include, frozen vegetables, ice cream, non-cream products, processed pickles, frozen desserts, relishes, canned vegetables, salad dressings and dips. The company not only influences the global economy, but also has environmental and social effects. The history of the beverages company dates back to the 1920s. It has since then established itself as a leading financial corporation that makes immense contributions to the society.

Apart from the monopolistic nature Dean Foods and Beverages Company has had on the economy, it has also contributed immensely to the creation of environmental health hazards. No one can deny that their activities have had positive impact on the livelihoods of many. A keen scrutiny of the company’s activities though reveals that in its endeavor to deliver serves the environmennt, and indeed, many citizens are left suffering. Though, it makes these contributions at the expense of the environment. There are many controversial issues regarding its operations some of which are still pending in corridors of justice.

In 2003, Dean Foods found its way to the corridors of justice to answer the charges regarding its inability to meet legal requirements to own an organic firm after it had acquired Horizon Organic holding corporations. Another complaint was filed against Dean Foods in 2008 with USDA. This complaint accused the company of keeping cows meant for milk production in unhygienic conditions. Another lawsuit against the corporation was filled in 2009 regarding its product Soy milk for changing its production from organic soybeans to conventional once. Other lawsuits regarding its operation include: one in 2010 and another in 2011, regarding the monopoly and packaging respectively.These lawsuits and controversies, as well as others practices, depict the ability of organizations to control economies with little concern to the impacts they make to other sectors.