James Baldwin and Dean Barlund

Racism has long been a favorite topic of many social enthusiasts and social analysts. Authors of written works have also embraced the idea of being able to consider how the world operates and how humans respond to the changes that are happening in the world today. Likely, it could be seen that somehow, defining the importance of knowing these matters involve that of the considerations presented on the changes that human individuals have to deal with as they try to convincingly handle every life adjustment that living itself presents them with. Bringing about self-realization is a good source of consideration that creates a good start in assessing how humans fare in becoming well endowed with the different options of living and creating relationships that are worth the work and effort that they are applying for the success of the said human connections that they have established. However, even though humans try hard to reconnect with each other amidst all the differences they have, gaining a “harmonious” relationship is quite a notch that human individuals today are having a hard time reaching.

In the writings of James Baldwin, a writer of the 80’s towards the 90’s, have practically created a good sense of what globalization is about and how it directly affects the relationship that humans intend to establish with the others. Ever since the beginning of new age developments in the society, it could be noted that there are instances when the issue on social inequality has been a groping situation that embraced the entire human community for so many years. As a Black American, James Baldwin has practically observed this particular difference of treatment that human individuals receive from each other due to the separation of their races. Bsically, it could be observed that somehow, through the proof of history itself, making a good sense of what James Baldwin notes in his writing “Down at the Cross” or most often known as “The Fire Next Time”. Believably, the different indications of human relationship development due to the connection that each individual has with the other have been specifically described in connection with race differentiation.

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Apparently, the negativity of the relationship of the individuals have been sourced out from the idea that somehow, the individual differences that humans have from each other actually manages to create a particular separation between each individual. Apparently, it could be noticed through that Baldwin mentioned more than just the truth behind separation among members of the human communities involved within the said situation of inequality. Besides describing the obvious, James Baldwin also mentioned about the possibility of having the oppressed ones retaliate to the oppression that they have experiencing from the hands of other individuals of the society who think less of their identity. He notes this as he describes the matter in his writing with these words:”…But I am also concerned for their dignity, for the health of their souls, and must oppose any attempt that Negroes may make to do to others what has been done to them. I think I know – we see it around us every day – the spiritual wasteland to which that road leads” (as quoted by Wright, 223) From the lines noted above, it could be seen how Baldwin sees the importance of looking through what the present situations could have on the future makes a good sense of letting human individuals realize of the possibility of developinng a particular source of problem in the society later on. Meanwhile, in support to this particular idealism, Barnlund’s “Communication in a Global Village” indicates a deeper sense as to how these things might have been overcome by the process of international globalization that embraces the human society at present.

Believably, Barnlund notes the perfect indication of camaraderie and connection that human individuals from different nations have between each other today. However, even though Barnlund supports the idea of development that the world embraces today through the application of globalization, it could not be denied that somehow, the issue on racism and inequality among groups of people still is evidently obvious especially when it comes to discussing the issues of globalization and the effect that it has on the social relations mostly of the developing countries. Sometimes, the owners of the land themselves or the natives of the nations are the ones who are oppressed by foreign visitors who are recognized to be of higher racial recognition in comparison with that of the others.Definitely, with these issues carried into specific considerations, current situations that have to be deal with in connection with globalization intends to be well attended to especially by social analysts and developers who are trying to create a more harmonious relationship among people for the sake of the betterment of the connections that exist among nations at present. Specifically referring to racial and cultural balance, it could be observed that social analysts are having a serious assessment of the situation and are indeed trying to make the best out of what they know of using their knowledge to develop better chances of introducing an equal society for all individuals concerned.