Death Warrant

The death penalty is a law that people find to either be for it or against it. The death penalty is for criminals that did something seriously harmful to any individual.

Most of the time some is stated to death when they murder somebody. I am for the death penalty and I believe that criminals that commit a crime like murder should be sentenced to death. There are many other people that are against the death penalty. There are many explanations to show that the death penalty is a good law to have.If we did not have the death penalty the crime rates would most likely increase.

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Without the death penalty, more criminals would be more confident for doing something like murdering somebody. The death penalty will most likely make the environment safer for everyone. Without repeat murderers more people will feel safer to go outside. If there were no death penalty and they just put the murderer in jail, they can still escape or when they are let out, there is still a chance for them to repeat murder. Nobody wants crime rates to increase so the death penalty is a great solution for the crime rates to lower.Another reason I believe we should have the death penalty is because the murderer should have a consequence for doing what they did and they should see how it feels to breathe their last breath.

This consequence should make other people who want to attempt murder not want to do what they want to attempt. There are many types of consequences for killing somebody. One example of a punishment is a whole bunch of years in jail; sometimes it can be for a lifetime depending on how they killed the person. The only punishment that will most likely make criminals not wanting to murder is the death penalty.Having the death penalty cost less per prisoner rather than putting them in jail. The website, says that life without parole costs $5.53 million per prisoner while death penalty costs only $1.91 million per prisoner. Without the death penalty the costs of the state will be higher for prisoners. This can be part of the economical depression. There is a major difference in the prices of murderers going to jail and murderers going into the death penalty.

The money that they use for prisoners can be used for more other goods like helping schools or paying some hospitals for new technology. With the death penalty it can help the environment around us.There are many people that are against the death penalty and say that murders should not die. There are lots of things that they can say to defend their statement. They can say that nobody has the right to take somebody’s life. Someone can also say that some states with the death penalty does not even have crime rates that decrease.

They may say this because they think killing somebody just isn’t right and that citizens of the United States may claim that they have the right to live and that they can live their life. They may also say that if someone murders someone, they can just be put to jail for life so that they wont be a repeat murderer. These people that are against the death penalty can be either wrong or right but, there are many statements that people say about it even if its a good or bad thing.The death penalty is a good law to have in the United States because it can help the world around us a lot. People will be less scared to come out and have some fun, the U.S.

A. can pay for better things like paying for school equipment or new technology for hospitals, and most of all, the United States of America can wake up every day feeling comfortable and safe away from harm or danger. The death penalty will help the world from harm or maybe even economical depresion.