Deep Sea

Have you ever wondered what is under the sea? Not spongebob and patrick anything like that but the creatures down there or the type of plants down there but you can’t see the dark. I wonder when scinetest will have the chance to explor the oecean depths. People say that there’s like mythical creatures down there like the kraken or Moby Dick but you never know. I know its hard to go so deep because of the pressure but we can’t wonder forever. There are many legends about the ocean depths like the kraken.

The kraken is a really huge squid that destroys boats, Recently fisher boats have found the collasoll squid a really huge squid that has simllar features from the kraken. This is exapmle on what there is in the oecean depths you never know whats down there. The gulpar eel is a very scary lookin creature it can swim down hundreds of feet down the ocean and has a huge mouth! its dark gray skin and wide open mouth can bring fear to its enemys. There also a unnuasual fish called the blobfish it can swim all the way down to the ocean floor. Thanks to its soft pink tissue skin it can swim that far but it also looks very ugly. very unnuasual are down at the oceans floor especially if we have only explored 2% of the worlds ocean imagine what there could be down there.

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You see those examples there are plenty more! a lot more as the years pass technology will get better and maybe some day we can explore what is down there in the ocean depths. It could be exciting news but also could be a scary expirence for the people who are going down there. Because nobady knows whats down there and people fear on what they do not know is real or fake hope nothing huge is down there lurking around.