Ecological: Dell Case study

The same Is to be said about the private consumers.

Ecological: Dell established itself as a carbon neutral company in 2008. Their constant effort to become a energy efficient company is one that many endeavor to do and in this day and age Is a marketable effort for there products. Political: Dell is faced with constant regulatory issues. For example, two of its major suppliers, Intel and Microsoft, were slapped with anti-competitive practices, which affects production. But Dell’s biggest dilemma has to deal with certain political environment with in the regions they operate in.

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Although some regions are more liable than others political environments shirt and affect business one way or another whether that Is regulatory issues or contract Issues 2. Based on an assessment of the threats In Dell’s external environment, what actions are required of the company? Dell needs to constantly invite and try to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to tenet product Ellen. I nee must continue to create Airedale, Atonally, user-Eternally platforms for their customers.

Dell is known for their reliability when it comes to the PC world; they must continue to have this as one of their top priorities.

In a market here a large part of the personal computer market is split between Apple and PC’s, Dell is a platform that lasts and but isn’t always know for there looks or innovation. These are two fields that Dell must combat in order to stand out in the PC side of the equation. The cosmetic side of there products is one field that can easily be changed and should be the first area they should confront.

3. In what ways is Dell’s segment growth strategy likely to succeed or fail? I believe Dell’s strategy of cornering the corporate market is a robust and safe endeavor but they should try to seep more into the private consumers as well.

This idea of having a majority of its sales targeted at corporate sales is one that limits innovation. Corporations are focused on have computers that are robust and able to perform the task at hand. Although some innovation occurs a majority of innovation comes from feed back form private consumers. Dell should focus on bring mobile platforms to the private consumer were feedback is much greater than in the corporate on.

Once they have established a self-sustaining product for the private consumer they can apply those popular aspect to there corporate products 4.

How ill competitors’ strategies and actions impact Dell’s ability to achieve its growth objectives? Dell needs to focus on their top competitors (HP, Acre, Leno and Toshiba). In order to grow in the competitive market Dell need to set itself apart through innovation within their products and durability and creating a more attractive appeal towards their products. In a field where many of their competitors have unreliable product Dell is one that stands out. They now need to harness the innovation aspect for their product.

They should invest innovations and rely on their corporate relationships.