Descriptive Statistics Case Study

Case Study on Descriptive Statistics:

Descriptive statistics is discipline of the quantitative description of the information. Descriptive statistics has the task to present a general description of the situation, a problem or the order of the events. The discipline does not have to analyze the problem in detail trying to find out about its slightest peculiarities and the cause and effect of the problem, as it does not rely on the laws of Probability theory. The only function of descriptive statistics is to provide the experts with the general information about the data under analysis.

It is natural that descriptive statistics has a long history, because the dawn of the human civilization the humanity could only observe and describe facts.Descriptive statistics was used for census, analysis of the situation on the market (the types of goods and their price).With the run of time descriptive statistics touched upon the effectiveness of weapon, surgery, sportsmen in sports competitions, etc. The brightest example of the application of descriptive statistics on practice is the analysis of the effectiveness of the basketball player whose performance is 20%. It means that he is able to sink the ball into the hoop with the luckiness of 1 of 5.

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Naturally, it is easy to calculate such data just observing the game of the player and dividing the total number of tries into the achieved goals. Descriptive statistics is divided into two major categories which differ from each other on their complexity. The first one includes univariate analysis, which dwells on the single variable. The second one is the bivariate analysis which suggests more than one variable for the observation.Descriptive statistics is the important problem for the research if the student is interested in statistics, its types, strong and weak sides of the process. In order to be able to analyze the peculiarities of the descriptive statistics, one should read about the problem more, study the articles dedicated to the matter, etc.

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