Office for National Statistics

After reading this case study It Is very evident to see the Issues faced by the west End retail store most concerning being the high unfilled vacancies which draws insufficient responses of specific employees needed with the store finding it hard to appeal to young people along with the current high turnover staff leaving rates of 61% with average staff positions being covered between 3 to 6 months by migrant workers predominantly females aged 18 to 25 who are usually part -time working 7 days a week.

I also identified other factors that contribute to this current trend relates to the work patterns and conditions established by the branch, although wages offered are E. 50 per hour which is above the national minimum wage however this is fairly low for a store which operates in central London and again this is reflective of the mixed ours offered plus the low wages are not worth the effort traveling to the West End store whilst others would like to progress in the branch retail sector however they feel floor sales doesn’t lead to progression in the branch career ladder.

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Thus leading me to my analysis of the labor market, according to the Office for National Statistics they estimate that there are 29.

17 million people in employment currently within the I-J with 21. 34 million in full-time employment predominantly males where as 7. 83 million are in part-time employment predominantly females in edition when looking at employment rates released on July 2011 of I-J born nationals aged 16 – 24 they consist of 71. 0% this rate has increased by 0. 1% from previous year whilst when looking at employment rates of non-UK nationals of consist of 67. 6% this rate has increased by 0.

% when compared to previous year. However in contrast when looking at the current national unemployment figures it stands at 2. 51 million which is an increase of 44,000 when compared to 2010 with more males being unemployed than females affecting economically active youth aged 6 – 24 not in full-time education predominantly with more than 973,000 of them unemployed. Chip (2011) labor market outlook: quarterly survey report (summer) (on blackboard site)

I also recommend and emphasize on the branch to focus on improving working conditions by highlighting the importance’s work hours has in peoples life’s with my research showing that there are more people in full-time employment as appose to part-time thus meaning that the retail branch should create a balance of work hours Ewing offered this should also help them with there problem of not attracting enough response s as my research shows there are more males then females preferring full-time employment where as more females prefer part-time employment than males.

I believe if this balance is created by the West End retail store this could create a variety of potential candidates wanting to apply to vacant positions available which is already in scarcity according to my research nationally there are know more people 1.

7 vacancies to every 100 candidates applying and in return what these figures suggest is a great opportunity for the retail branch due to the recovery phase of recession know this is an employers market meaning that the branch can attract more skilful and experienced candidates to vacant position they have available.

Continuing with my recommendations I also believe the West End retail store also need to focus on improving the wages it offered because according to my research I have found the improvement of national average wages increase has had a direct effect on productivity with outputs per worker increasing by 0. 3% meaning that if the ranch does adopt this more of there employees will work harder due to the incentive of money and this will resolve the notion had by previous employees that the wages offered by the retail store were not worth the traveling. Of floor sales staff, providing Justification for your choices.

In consideration with the factors I have already identified affecting the West End retail store with the my recommendations on ways to capitalist on the current labor market I also propose using effective human resource planning also know as manpower planning, I think this strategic planning is very appropriate for the ranch’s survival because it will let them understand it’s business demands with future needs and supply taking factors facing them such as the high staff turnover rate of people leaving of 61% which is of main concern thus affecting retention of floor sales staff with future recruitment needs not drawing enough responses.

I believe if the company uses this planning model properly it can manage to utilize and its retain its current floor sales staff and recruit future staff by putting the right candidates in the right Jobs taking into considerations the types of skills possessed y different employees and whether there is also enough candidates to fill future positions.

When conducting my researching into retention I found Herrings motivation- hygiene factor theory is an applicable model for the West End retail branch to emulate, this is because according to Herbert believed motivation played a major factor at work he suggested things which motivated employees are opportunities for self- actualization, providing some responsibility and autonomy in the nature of work.

Herbert also believed hygiene factors were provided that this will increase the level f satisfaction and motivation if done right such as pay, work environment in terms of working hours, however he stated that if this is not performed right that it will lead to dissatisfaction and denomination which will create less participation from employees. Penny Dick and Steve Ellis (2006). Introduction to Organizational Behavior.

3rd deed. Berkshire: McGraw-Hill Education. Chapter 4 motivating people at work pop-87.

In terms of retention of current floor sales staff I propose when using this strategic man power planning that the retail branch take into high consideration 3 main aspects of the strategy, which are Job rotation, Job enlargement and Job enrichment. When looking at Job rotation the management within the retail branch I believe they needs to be rotation of floor sales staffs schedules according to [routers so that the them in trying area’s at work and this could have a fresh approach into time or activity.

The objective of the Job rotation is to challenge members of staff; it also helps again mental fatigue/slack or boredom through repetition thus creating Job satisfaction In Job enlargement is an aspect I believe if the retail branch does well it will give here employees the opportunity to take on more challenging roles which is the concern of some within the retail store by using this planning it would help members of staff have more self worth and improve Job satisfaction.

Generally with retail Jobs, staff tend to get bored and as a result resigning from the Job completely.

This aspect helps staff with self motivation, working to achieve a goal and possibly develop new skills, Job enlargement would only to staff that would be interested in taking on more roles rather than an enforcement approach. In Job enrichment which is an essential part of Herbage’s two – factor theory would involve the retail branch providing employees with wider and bigger level of scope of responsibility by giving them the opportunity to have some sort of authority in decision making within the company again this will motivate staff to increase there efforts at work. F the retail branch manages to offer employees better wages this will increase Job satisfaction thus having individuals feel more valued in return they usually they perform better at there Jobs in the long-term, the board also need to take into inconsideration employee needs which are hygiene factors according to Herrings two factor theory such as promotional progress this would also increase employees involvement with the retail branch, another factor which is also related to hygiene factors is the growing concern employees of the retail branch have with there pay and working hours with some stating that the wages offered by the company they receive the required amount of hours in a week however they may also be problem with certain individuals in the business they would have to cope with changes to their schedule in terms of lower hours until arrangements can be made.