Designer Children’s Affect on Evolution

Within the last couple of years, scientists have made several new discoveries, all affecting the course of human evolution. Nowadays, parents who are soon to have a child, although are unhappy with the possible genes of the child, are able to choose the genes of their new to come baby, involving eye colour, hair colour, and gender. Recently this choice has decreased in popularity, despite it having amazing science supporting it. These children have been proven to be scientifically possible in the 20th century, as genetically modified children, known as “designer babies” are now a choice for several parents worldwide. Designer babies have special gene modification separating their appearance from others and with the cloning of sheep leading this concept, designer babies face an uncertain future.

Another significant factor in designing a child, involves gene modification. This is when scientists use certain tools to determine the future genes of the given baby. Gene modification is the “process of alternating the genes of a living object”. Whilst alternating the genes of a living organism, this means transplanting one’s genes into another’s, creating a “genetically modified organism”, known as a “GMO” (Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This may sound eerie to many, although having the technology to transfer one organism’s genes into another’s, gives scientists the power to multiply humans, and, or create clones. Designer children are a turn to human evolution, and may lead to human cloning, all possible outcomes of humans in our future relate to genetic modification.

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Studies have shown that genetic modification on humans is not drastically different from other living organisms, given the example of sheep. As stated “the genetic material is the same in all cells of an organism, except the reproductive”. Regarding this connection, sheep were cloned several years in advance before humans, although scientists have believed “the cloning of sheep could easily be connected to the cloning of humans”. In the past, researchers in Japan clones “8 calves from a single cow.” They have reported several animals being cloned in our world today, such as: “cat, deer, dog, horse, mule, ox, rabbit and rat.

” In addition they claimed “a rhesus monkey to be cloned by embryo splitting”. The recently claimed gene modification has developed much over time, and several oganisms have been genetically modified on, changing the course of human developement. Furthermore, genetically modified children are advancing over time, along with technology. Given above, researchers have concluded several living organisms had been cloned in the past, although not yet humans.

According to the ‘seoul National University’, “a group led by Woo-Suk Hwang, in South Korea published a paper in the journal of science in which it stated to have created a cloned human embryo in a test tube”. Despite, this fact being ‘true’ or ‘false’ this makes many question what the future of humans hold, and whether the evolution of humans will be certain or uncertain. Thus, various amounts of people believe that researchers will insert foreign genes into other living organisms, as this is the process of genetic modification of plants, whilst having “scientists discuss the issue to begin this on human. Having genetic modification come so far, a diverse amount of people are concluding that our race will soon be facing an uncertain future. In conclusion, designer children are a step forward to human development, and will most certainly affect the development of our species. Gene modification has developed over time and has resulted inthese genetically modified humans.

However, years before the genetic modification of humans, scientists had discovered the cloning of animals, which has resulted in the evolution of humans, causing an undetermined future of our race.