Desk Party

It was the morning of April 17, 2011 it was a full class today which was unusual. Before recess class was never full. “Okay class let’s have a great day today we have a whole watermelon today. How awesome?” Mrs.

Forrest said. Class had started everyone got there folders out so Mrs. Forrest could check reading log parental signatures and the homework. They knew the daily routine get your books out silent reading for five minutes time had gone by the kids are now putting the books, reading logs and homework away. “Who wants to go turn all the cards green for those that are? Mrs.

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Forrest asked the class okay Lisa you’re turn today Marco you have tomorrow. Thank you” When Mrs. Forrest turned to go to her desk Daniel stood up he was told to take a seat it was a thing that he did every once in a while to get attention from the class. He did not take a seat after being told. “Daniel please go turn you’re green card until it is showing yellow.

Thank you Daniel” “I don’t want to.” Said Daniel “You made that choose when you did not take a seat after being asked. So go turn your card until it is showing yellow.” Mrs. Forrest said “No.

” Daniel yelled at the top of his lungs. “Daniel please stop yelling. Now you can go and turn your card until it is RED. Thank you Daniel.” Daniel got out of his chair shoved everything off of his desk flipped his desk. “You mad me do this.

You.” “I tried to be nice Daniel but that is it citation for you buddy” Mrs. Forrest said with frustration in her voice. He picked up his backpack put it on and pushed his study buddy out of his chair and pushed the desk over. Mrs. Forrest took out her cell phone and called the office to send a hall monitor to H10.

“Daniel get your things the hall monitors are on their way.” Mrs. Forrest wrote a citation while she was waiting on them. “Okay that’s fine I’ll wait outside.”