Pakistan Party

Pakistan, a land with snow-covered mountains but is still hot and humid. I started out in the mountains of Pakistan, which is part of the Himalayas. I was traveling to the top to see a village that had no way of getting the Bible. We had a driver that was driving us in a big van.

He had the normal Pakistani clothes on, long pants, long sleeved shirt, and a beard. Men had beards to prove their manliness. I was in the side of the car where I was looking down the mountain. It was a beautiful mountain below me with snow and trees. While we were driving there were a lot of bumps and crazy turns.

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I felt like I would fall off the mountain and crash. And one time we were slowly escalating and turning and then two of the wheels were off the road. The driver quickly pulled the handbrake and we came to a complete halt. It was super scary and we all had to get out. Then my dad and the driver had to push it back on the road.

When we got to the top there was a small party, more like a welcoming to their village, but they had food and invited us into their home. We sat in a house that was made of mud but was still pretty spacious. They gave us all the Pakistani delicacies like Chai tea, chapatti, red beans and rice, and some spicy curry that was orange. The food was scrumptious and delicious. We went outside to play cricket with all the kids in the village. On the way out we saw this bird that couldn’t fly and was hurt.

So my brother and I ran to it and caught it. We picked it up and brought it to the house. We found a cage and put it in there and gave it some water and nuts. When we knew it was safe we went back to play cricket. The cricket game was super fun and exciting. We split into two teams and I was with my brother.

With my first hit I got 3 points. So my brother was up to hit and he hit it out of the lot that we were in. It fell into a sewer past the wall. Since my brother hit it he had to go and get it. We helped him climb the wall and then he descended down the other side. It smelled horrible and was very dirty.

When he got up from the other side he was soaked in gross green water and covered in mud. We went into the house and my brother went to get washed off. I went to check on the cute baby bird. When I went to the cage I couldn’t find it. I was scared that a cat had found a way to get to it.

So I ran and asked my mom and she said that the owner had fixed its wing and let it go. I was very sad that the bird was gone but I realized that it will go back to its mom and live its life, soaring high in the sky.