Role of Student in Making of Pakistan

Pakistan — an ideological state: Pakistan claims itself to lay an ideological state because it is founded on a certain specific ideology-the ideology of Islam. It came into being because Muslims of the Indo-Pak subcontinent developed a specific attitude of mind-and attitude which was determined by the consciousness of certain principles or objectives which they felt must be realized. These were the eternal spiritual and ethical values of Islam. Islam gives ethical bases of life to the Muslim nation. To them Islam is more than a religion as considered in the western sense.

It is in fact a complete code of life which embraces social, political, economic and cultural aspects of human behaviors. Ideology of Pakistan: The ideology of Pakistan, the overwhelming Muslim country is ideology which comprises the dictates and sanctions which are attributed or prone to the Islamic concept of nation and that of state. i) Muslim nationhood: As regards the Muslims, their basis of nationhood is neither geographical boundaries nor social or linguistic similarities but their religion-Islam. All Muslims are a nation without any distinction.

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This is the first principle of Pakistan ideology on which Quaid-i-Azam demanded a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. To Pakistan, Islam is the basis of ‘Nationalism’.

II) Islamic state: The ideology of Pakistan is based on the principles and ideals of Islam. Islam is the ideal for which Muslims struggled and on which the ideals on the newly born nation were based. III) Ancient ideology: Ideology of Pakistan- the Islamic way of life is not something life a manifesto that Pakistanis adopted in the morrows of their freedom. On the country, it is as old as Islam itself.

Indeed Indo-Pakistani Muslim emerged as a new nation because they had stood fast to this ideology. They founded a new state because they had described to enthrone the values underlying this ideology without being checked by the domination of other conflicting values.

It has been sufficiently warranted by the historical facts that not withstanding a thousand years of co-existence of the two communities-the Hindus and the Muslims, in the Indian subcontinent, they could not become harmonic, cohesive, was the expediency which was based on regionality.

But this regionality could not become effective since the Muslim community is totally different from the Hindu society having its own moods and methods, names and nomenclature legends and heroes, language and literature, this concept of co-existence between them even at the regional levels could not prove a success. Thus they started their struggle for a separate homeland on the basis of Islamic ideology.