Developmental and Behavioral Problems

According to this journal, the data used to screen the development problems of kindergarten and first graders are explained. In the case of kindergarten children, the Personal Data Response of the child is determined. In addition to this, the Gross motor skills of the child and their ability to identify body parts and recognize colors are also tested.

Other areas that children are tested for is whether they can draw a person, print personal data, read uppercase and lower case letters. The results of these tests help teachers and parents to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their children early so that they can help and guide them accordingly. For a kindergarten child, the score expected is 13. In the case of a first grader, various factors are considered. These include; Personal Data Response, Visual Discrimination-Lowercase Letters, Visual Discrimination-Lowercase of Words, Recites Alphabet Auditory Discrimination, Phonemic Decoding, Word Recognition, Computation, Listening Vocabulary Comprehension, Reads Lowercase Letters, Phonemic Awareness, Draw a Person (Body Image), Prints Personal Data and Numerals in Sequence. The quality of life a child experiences in the future is determined by the family support they get from their families.

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According to research conducted, good, quality parent child communication is vital in ensuring the successful growth of a child. What happens at home influences how children perform in school. Thus, guardians and parents need to take time to understand their children development so that they can be able to handle them properly. In addition, systematic education should be given to all parents to help them make a positive contribution towards their children’s education.According to this journal, parents who regularly interact with their children by showing them school work as well as other new things and activities have children with well-developed language skills. These parents have plenty of resources hence have plenty of time to spend and bond with their children.

The objective of the research done, according to this journal was to determine the impact of parents on the development of children. They were trying to isolate the parent traits and perceptions that resulted in delayed development of the child. >To find this information, 382 families were screened, and the positive and negative parenting behaviors were determined. The journal concluded that children from as young as 6months are influenced by their parents behavior and perceptions. The nature of the parenting influences not only the performance of a child.

In addition, it influences the development of language in a child. For instance, a child living in a problematic home with problematic parents is likely to withdraw; hence, language development gets derailed as well as other aspects of development. Thus, the article emphasizes the importance of proper parenting during early development since it is the most crucial age of a child.The nature of early childhood development is reflected throughout the life of an individual. This not only applies to academic progress but also the health of an individual.

Psychosocial involvement usually requires social work support and early interventions for those late children. There should be a form of collaboration between social services and community early intervention services to assist to improve parental care especially for challenged families.