Why Allonby might have made decision to deceive Paul Dorrance on Alienist diagnosis? “Diagnosis” title of a short story by Edith Wharton one of the most celebrated female novelists in the twentieth centuries. The short story focuses on Paul Dorrance, as the main character in diagnosis. Dorrance did summon not only his doctor but also a cancer specialist for an examination at his place (Wharton & Brooker. p.

590). Characters are individuals who are presented in a dramatic or narrative work; readers interpreted them as being talented with moral, personality, and emotional qualities that are being expressed in what they say through dialogue and what they do through action (Bunzl, n.p). The story portrays the psychological effect of a cancer diagnosis that is positive or negative. Paul Dorrance is 49 years old and wealthy, he is concern about his health that prompts him to summon a cancer specialists and his doctor for diagnosis.

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Diagnosis is a process that is done by doctors; it involves identifying the cause of a certain phenomenal. Before consulting his doctors, Dorrance had made his will, wounded up his affairs and resigned from his club. He also pensioned off his old servants. After the diagnosis his doctors told him that he had nothing to worry about, he wondered and exclaimed “absolutely nothing.” The doctor said “Of course not….

just what they say!” what Dorrance needed was rest from work (Wharton & Brooker p.541). Slow and Calmly Paul Dorrance walked away as he begun to ponder a life a head that has renewed vigor. He had thoughts of marrying a young lady who will bore him children and have a family. Dorrance was dissolute before the diagnosis but after being free from his expectation he sees life in a positive way. With the same cheerless mood he went on and proposed to Eleanor who has always been a companionship in difficulty times the very day of his doctor’s consultation.

For Dorrance to propose he was miserable and needed consolation from his fifteen year mistress. (Wharton & Brooker, p.547) says that Dorrance never informed Eleano about the diagnosis results even though she did see the doctors. The sole reason might be fear of abandonment by Eleanor. Eleanor lips trembled; as still tears lingered on her lashes while her features were gradually dissolving in a blur of emotion when Dorrance proposed to her.

It was time for the two to start a new life by being each other companionship after the Eleanor being a mistress for the past fifteen years.Dorrance walked towards the high perched flat window but thoughtfully, he later picked a piece of plane paper that lied flat on the floor, he read the paper keenly and realized that it contained the diagnosis of alienist. He then perceived that he had been deceived by the doctors. According to Brooker and Wharton (p.543) Dorrance mind wondered into the dream of being attacked by the alienist in the same way it had wondered into the travel dream he was going to start. As a result of the elation it turned his mood to self-pity and broody.

Eleanor did accept the proposal but she was not deterred when Dorrance revealed to her the harsh prognosis. “All had been, as it were, the stuff out of which he, Paul Dorrance had built up.” The diagnosis caused Dorrance to remain in the same lifestyle and he became empathic then. Mrs.Welwood was forbidden from speaking of the diagnosis by Dorrance, either to him or anyone else, Wharton and Brooker explain (p.548) “For God’s sake, don’t let’s dramatize the thing.

” Dorrance is psychologically perturbed with the diagnosis and this is depicted in the way he acts and the tone of his voice Cleary explains the state of his emotion. In that position Dorrance prefers to put the diagnosis result in his unconscious part of the mind. To him he has an image of death that he would face and he does not will to give a thought of it, the denial feeling of leaving the people his close to. Dorrance later adopted a lavish and sacrificial lifestyle, individual confidence instillation made him feel like an obscure as death was propitiate by days. “That new York diagnosis was a mistake- an utter mistake.

” This was said by Dorrnace vehemently; he then paussed and was later silenced by his wife who was smothering him, Wharton and Brooker (p.550). Dorrance was emotional at this time and Wharton and Brooker (p.551) wondered if he had objected the mask of composure he had before. This story views Dorrace as being a dead person since his diagnosis. Because when he was first told not to worry, he begun pondering on his knew life but after reading the paper his esteem was killed and he was like an object to his own life.

Our psychology therefore contributes to our living since one still sees the objective of being a life. Eleanor died of heart attack after several years of marriage, on the day of her death is when Dorrance discover that on the fatal day that he had his doctor’s consultation Eleanor did trumps Paul’s egotism and his manipulation as well in the relationship. Eleanor was aware that Dorrance will marry someone else if pronounced healthy, it triggered her to vague his diagnosis. “What I meant was: do I understand you, to say that the diagnosis you dropped in the leaving was not intended for me?” According to Wharton and Brooker (p.590) the doctor stared at Dorrance and said “Good Lord, no of course it wasn’t.” This indicates that in spite of him being healthy the diagnosis affected Dorrance psychology.

Diagnosis as a short story is not only complex but also sensitive in mediation of death image by the partners in a long term relationship, each of whom uses the power of deceptively with an objective to gain from the other partner. Paul intimate view is also exposed his evolution from patient self image in response to medical diagnosis. It finally emphasizes on psychological and domestic rebound of death. Dorrance was concern about his own health and had plans to ponder a new life with a young lady and have a family if in good health while Eleanor was concern about her relationship with Dorrance after the fifteen years, as his mistress. Eleanor knew that she has been a companion to Dorrance in difficulty times and she had to find away of manipulating Dorrance for their relationship to reign. Both Eleanor and Dorrance are egocentric.