Different Types of Students

Different Types of Students Receiving an education can be a fulfilling experience. Students adapt to their own ways of learning and this results in a variety of different personalities. As a student myself, I’ve noticed traits that tend to emerge for different types of students and have thus I have categorized them as: the suck ups, those that just want to pass, and the sweaty try-hards. The first type of student is the suck up.

One of the most noticeable aspects of this type of student is that on the first few days of class, they’ll compliment the teacher left and right.

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Also, this type of student participates far too much and inputs their opinion even when they haven’t been asked to give their two cents about the topic. This student employs this strategy to win the teachers attention and hopefully receive easier grading from the teacher. The student tends to do this because their grades aren’t the best and could use the little boost that come from having the teacher like them. This type of student differs greatly from the type of student that just wants to pass. The second type of student that just wants to pass.

This category tends to be the biggest due to most students shyness. As soon as this type of student steps into new classroom, they search for an available seat at the back of the room. This type of student can be considered the opposite of the suck up because they only participate the required amount if any at all. This type of student has learned to rely on their experience and are fairly sharp minded. Students in this category don’t need much help from the teacher but do ask for aid when it is truly needed.

This type of student tends to have a close group of friends they rely on for intellectual support when theirs isn’t sufficient and always spend time with out of school. Some of these students take the leap and become what can be called sweaty try-hards. The third type of students is the sweaty try-hards. This type of student is very hard working and will go to extreme links to get an A in the course. A student in this category tends to sit in the front of the classroom or where they can see the board/screen and the professor without obstruction.

This type of student has honed down a very efficient set of study skills that has been proven time and time again.

These study skills include making flashcards, writing down what the professors writes on the board word for word or printing the professors PowerPoint, buying a voice recorder to record lectures, and/or starting a study group. The reason this type of student can be called a sweaty try-hard is because of how serious they take every little assignment despite how insignificant it may be.

Students in this category are known to do extra credit projects even though they already have a very high A, complain about making a 90 on the test when everyone else in the class barely passed and disregard their social circle when they’re grades are in jeopardy. This type of student is very successful due to their sheer work rate and dedication. In conclusion, each type of student is different and can have traits from each category. Educational institutions harbor multiple ethnicities and subgroups and do so proudly.

Despite students’ outward appearance, they can notice characteristics of each category in their personality and study ethic.