Disciplinary Process

Unfair Dismissal legislation applies to most employees working in paid employment in Australia. In this case, the employee may have physical abused another, and this might come under criminal law as “assault”. Type Policy’s Procedure Monitoring Regular dates for reviews.

To monitor performance, ensuring effectiveness and employees are able to obtain support to achieve performance levels. Upon commencement of employment. The expected performance standards and Kips are communicated and agreed. Performance reviews 6 monthly Performance review

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Review the progress, timeliness and support to same in order to assist with performance. Training support and counseling should be offered, provided and documented. A second performance review meeting, at a set date, all documented.

If progress not satisfactory, a written warning to be issued. Documented and also a copy of warning letter in file. Further training counseling and support. If after a considerable amount of time there has been no improvement And performance is still unsatisfactory; a notice of termination could have been issued in writing and given to employee.