According to Pyne, the responses of the government following the attacks of September 11 gave a chance to many scientists to develop their theories which are being used by many people in the United States to discriminate against Muslims and Arabs. Most of those researches indicate that, people continue to hold discrimination when they develop positive feelings towards their country. He is very categorical that, the results of 9-11would maximize discrimination against Arabs, Muslims and related groups.

Orientalism is the act of studying colonial masters by the people in the West thinking that, being knowledgeable would help them a lot in manipulating them. The different characteristics of orientalism were initially orient, recognized as a wide area comprising of diverse cultures and involves some parts of Asia and areas of mid eastern. The second characteristic deduces that orient is retrogressive and inferior (Elaasar, 2004). Finally, orient is perceived not strong enough and is waiting to be colonized by powerful countries for their existence. These characteristics contribute a lot to discrimination against those people living in the above mentioned regions.

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People in Asia are seen as uncivilized and therefore it only through colonization that they can do things on their own. Through lessons of tolerance, young people are being taught on how the can embrace equality and justice in the society. This is mainly targeting the future in a bid to fight discrimination. However, there is still a lot that can be done to curb prejudice. If the mass media was well utilized, it would make the fight against prejudice easier.

Taking advantage of global events like Olympic Games can equally be of help. This is because many people will be reached and prejudice will eventually become a thing of the past (Eid, 2007).