Discussion Case

Discussion Case: Timberland’s Model of Corporate Social Responsibility 1.

I would characterize Timberland’s exercise of its corporate power in society as a positive influence. They really draw their employees in and encourage them to give back to the community by serving in many area activities. Timberland is engaging in multiple stakeholders in its business operations, because their company is benefiting the employees and their families, and also the society by the time they spend giving back to the community. 2.

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Timberland has balanced its economic and social responsibilities through its various programs, such as the Path to Service program and sustainability goals, because they incorporate their social responsibilities very well through their economics and getting their employees involved.

The company’s programs are examples of enlightened self-interest, because they recognize the long-term rewards to the company from its global involvement through an enhanced reputation, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and global community support. 3.

The current economic recession may impact Timberland’s social programs, because they may not be able to give as much, to Path to Service and the other services they are a part of, financial as they have in the past, but this doesn’t mean that it will affect the amount of time the company can put into philanthropic activities. 4. I am very impressed by Timberland’s corporate social responsibility program and honestly do not see any immediately improvements. If they can keep up with what they are currently involved in, I think the company will continue to positively impact society.