Case Questions for Discussion Draw

Wonderland Small business management loam -pm Case Questions for Discussion Draw and describe the customer benefit package that Capos provides. Identify and describe one primary value creation, one support, and one general management process you might encounter at Capos. (A) General Management Pro Value creation Process Customer Customer alee creation Process Ants & Perceived Support Process Needs Benefits rhea customer benefit package Capos provided to their customers is the” Deliver

Now through Service” for customers who ever order from Capos , and they also provide free shipping in both directions for all their purchases and they often give customers free upgrade surprise and 360 return day policy. Explain the role of service encounters and service management skills at Capos. How does Capos create superior customer experiences? He way Capos create superior customer experiences is by making sure that their customers are all happy with their order including those customers that have roughs the products pass the return date by providing them days policy, and also trained their works to be more implored to use their imaginations on customers that they feels has a tough day should be send an overnight flower to her door step the next morning. 3.

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Describe how any three of the MM activities in the box “What Do Operations Managers Do? Impact the management of both the goods that Capos sells and the services that it provides. Operations Management is the science and art of ensuring that goods and services are created and delivered successfully to customers. MM Inventory management: Capos it was Witt delinquent out to their ands,taxed with problems of control over service quality and began to hold inventory while suppliers became more comfortable with the idea of online retail.

They continued to adapt this maternal fulfillment model. By 2003, all shipments were made from their own inventory.

Additionally, their inventory management system has developed into an extremely automated process, allowing them to more easily scale the company up to the size it is today (showing 2,851 ,610 products available for shipment on November 25, 2008).