Distinct differences in Terms of Communication for Men and Women

Introduction Male and female are radically different based on their genitals, physiological and somatic features. However, it is essential to note that males and females share a great deal of similarity. For any gender difference, it is advisable to remember that the variations in groups are frequently superior to the differences between groups. Meaning that, although, statistically there may be differences between males and females as a group, those differences tell little about how an individual will perform on a given task (Crooks, & Baur 2007). Furthermore, the differences between males and females have little impact on either gender in terms of performance.

Men and women have distinct differences in terms of communication. Men are more factual in their conversations than women. Men use conversations to assert their authority or show their might. Women, on the other hand, use conversations to build relationships; they tend to stick together whenthey open up to each other. Men are more aggressive in things that require strength than women.

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For instance, most men are interested in positions of power. This difference explains why there are more men in politics than women. Women mostly exert their aggression in relationships. Women value relationships than men that is why they invest most their energy on relationships. However, both male and female are verbally aggressive.

In respect to brain differences, men tent be superior in things that require intense thinking like mathematics and science. Nevertheless, these differences are not distinct; women have shown the potential to perform better than men given the same footing. Men have deeper voices than men. This is because men have well developed vocal cords than women. Women have high voices compared to men.

Men are bodily stronger than women. On average, a man is taller than heavier than a woman even at the same age. It is easier for men to develop stronger bodies’ especially upper bodies than women. Women, on the other hand, stronnger lower bodies than men (Crooks, & Baur 2007). It is believed that women are adept at things that require a keen eye compared women. Women, in general have a strong sense of judgment than men.

They perform well in duties that require caution. Women are also better drivers than men. This is because they have a strong sense of judgment. Men on the contrary are considered to be proficient at risk taking ventures. Compared to women, men are better at seeing opportunities than women.

This explains why men are smart investors compared to women. Men are more hairy than women; it is common to find men with hairy chests and faces. Women do not develop chest and facial hair unless in rare circumstances. Women are wordier than men; on average women talk more words than men under same conditions. What is surprising, though, is that men endeavor to win conversations more than women. It is not easy for a man to lose a conversation with a woman even when a woman is correct.

Men always pretend to a head of women in almost everything (Hyde, 2005).