Diwan Case Study

Give examples of needs, wants and demands that Dawn’s customers demonstrate, differentiating each of these three concepts Before launch of Dolan, bookstores In Egypt had Limited selection of books that’s why book-hungry Individual were had two choices to gets their need for reading by purchasing from other country or waiting for annual International book fair to purchase their yearlong book needs. Dianna worked on satisfying customer needs for gaining knowledge and reading by offering them bookstore with wide range of book varieties.

Moreover, Dianna worked to extend their Job to satisfy their customer’s ants by creating culture retail experience which offers a lot of activities for children and adults in addition to serve book-hungry populations. Dianna worked on meeting their customers’ demands by offering a lot of services which include extensive selection of books for deferent categories, multimedia offers like audio books and DVD, in addition every branch has stationary section that offers products from local & international suppliers. 2. In details, describe all facets of Dawn’s product offering. Dianna product offering includes the following:-

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Extensive selections in Arabic/English/French in different categories such as the arts ; history Multimedia section which offers audio books, DVD, music CDC ; PC games for children and adults. Stationary section that offers products from local ; international suppliers.

Others services such as book binding, children activities, gift wrapping, services for school, event hosting and used books exchanges. Delivery service. Loyalty program using loyalty cards which allow customers to accumulate points based on their purchases. Dianna have Its own website In which offers several eaters such discussion forums and book clubs. .

Which of the five management concepts nest describes Dianna? Dianna built and carried out their marketing strategies based the marketing concept. 4. Discuss on details the value that Dianna creates for Its customers Dianna Is more than Just a book retailer; It offers lots of actively for children and adults. As well as serving the book hungry populations. Moreover, Dianna has revolutionized the book buying experience that meets the culture and intellectual s AT Egyptian collect 5.

Is Dianna likely to be successful in continuing to build customer relationships? Why or why not?

Dianna is likely to be successful in continuing customer relationships as Dawn’s priority is customer satisfaction with its welcoming, warm and comforting atmosphere as well as its various services that seek customers’ fulfillment such as delivery and loyalty cards. The key to build strong customer relationship is to create customer value and satisfaction. Moreover, Dianna management team is strategic thinkers who has a long-term vision and are committed to the development of the organization by empowering their teams to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.