Do People Have to Be Highly Competitive in Order to Succeed? Plan and Write an Essay in Which You Develop Your Point of View on This Issue. Support Your Position with Reasoning and Examples Taken from Your Reading, Studies, Experience, or Observatio

In the highly competitive society nowadays, there is a scarcity of almost everything.

Only the individuals who stand out, endure and persist win. Hence, people are required to be highly competitive to rise above everyone to succeed. The law of natural selection derives from the central idea that only the “fittest survive”. A theory Charles Darwin discovered when he analzing different birds in the pacific islands. He discoveries a common identity ranging from ancient amphibians to small prokaryrotic organisms.After countless observations, he learned and discovered that since ancient times, animals have been struggling to survive.

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When there is insufficient food in society, animals compete against each other, for example, giraffes that have longer necks succeeded since they have the ability to feed on trees that are higher up, resulting physical characteristics being passed on to future generations. Therefore, it can be seen that even in nature, only the ones who are superior and distinguished survive.Much like the present society, as the world population rapidly increases, only the strong and wise rise above. Where those who are inferior or incapable are ultimately exterminated. Another example would be the job prospects nowadays. While combating the current economical crisis, Jobs are scare, and countless employee have been made redundant.

Employees strife and slaughter in order to maintain a decent job. Wheres, those who are incapable or who aren’t overly qualified aren’t even considered for a place.This can be seem that in order to maintain or excel in the working world, ones need to stay headstrong, show perserverance, and struggle ruthlessness will accelerated in life. Only the ones who are headstrong, with a clear vision, while having the urge to reach their full potential are the ones who are clear that only the fittest survive. Only these kinds of people have the tools and the savvy of knowledge to live life well, to live it apt. Just as Mark Twain once said, “To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.