Recruitment plan Free Essay Example

Recruitment Plan Job Ad Human Resource Department Receptionist The Department Receptionist will provide administrative support to a 10-employee office.

Greets the public and employee, answer questions, schedule appointment and meetings. Typing correspondences, data entry, filing, payroll. Typing 50 wimp, filing, Customer service, Computers. Human Resource experience preferred. Send completed applications to: Jamie Peterson, Recruiter BBC Inc.

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456 Everest Len, suttee 117 specified, MA 33333 Position Posted: 30 days 1 .

Company Website- These gives potential employees the opportunity to apply by going directly to through the company website. Potential employees would also get and understanding of exactly what out company stand as they will have access to information about the history and direction the company Is headed. The Job will post for 30 days since 1 to 5 years experience Is needed and potential employees needs a Bachelor or Master’s degree. 2.

Nell- globalization Is a great way for the company to attain the right employees from all around the world.

There are many job websites potential employees use in search of the right position such as Indeed. Com, Monster. Com and Carbureted. Com. The job will be advertised for 30 days.

3. Social Media- there are millions and millions of followers on Faceable, Linking, Twitter, and Instating. The organization will be able gain new customers and stay competitive. The Job would be advertised for 30 days.

Applications: this is a great tool to screen out potential employees by understanding why they feel they are a great fit for the organization.

It gives employers the opportunity to learn more about the background, experience and education of the potential employees. Interviews: gives us an opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of potential employees. Employers will be able to question potential employees to see if this the right environment for them. Background Checks: background checks lets us see beyond the experience and education on the resume. We will not be strict with hiring because of something that happen in the past, but the organization will have knowledge of employees past.

Drug Tests: organization wants hard working, delicate, and driven employees, so drug tests are needed to make sure nothing comes in the way of that. Employees will be assisting customers so it is important employees be able to provide great customer services at all time. Ability Tests: potential employees needs to be able to type at least 50 wimp, spelling, and communication are skills needed for this position. These tests will help narrow down potential employees during the selection processes.