Do Your Grades Accurately Reflect How Smart You Are?

When told by my boss told me I had to write an investigative journalism piece, I scoured my brain for a question.After a short while though, I came up with this question: Do your grades accurately reflect how smart you really are?After conducting surveys and interviews, I learned that everyone had a different opinion, but most people agreed that something needed to be changed.The anonymous survey I conducted consisted of teachers and students.One of the questions was that if you could change anything in the school system, what would you change?The most repeated answer was that there should be more personalized work because every student in unique.Others said “less testing” and and another said teachers should stop teaching us “common knowledge” and teach us things we actually need in life.One teacher at the Whitcomb Middle School said that schools need “more consistency among all states so all children have the same advantages and access to knowledge.”The school system needs to be fixed according to most of the people interviewed.Maybe we should listen to the people and fix this.One way to fix this would be to make more things pass/fail, like many people suggested.Another way to fix this maybe to make work graded on hows its done and it’s right, and less on if it’s done or not.