Does Youtube Favor a Certain Type of Content?

Is Youtube Trying to Get Rid of Certain Channels Indirectly? YouTube, being the biggest website for videos to be posted and watched. YouTube has many things that can still be improved, such as what content is being posted on the website. YouTube has an algorithm that is put into place to give the content creators money, or blocking the creator from making the money because they don’t have enough staff or enough time to give the content creators money for the content they created.

Some youtubers don’t get any money from their video because of the monetization system taking most ads eligibility to be on the video because something was inappropriate, or the company doesn’t want to be branded with a guy making jokes about sensitive subjects such as making jokes about Nazis. If a video is monetized there will be a yellow mark which will say not suitable for all advertisers. For a while many violent video games were getting monetized because the actual video game had violence and blood. This system became a problem because, it started to monetize videos that didn’t need to be monetized because nothing bad or inappropriate was going on in the video, and the content creators started to lose money on their videos because of this. There were many complaints from the YouTube community.

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YouTube responded, “we are working on the system and no system is perfect”, and it still isn’t perfect after they have fixed some of these bugs. YouTube never directly says “we are going to favor a certain type of content being posted on our website, and ignore another type of content because we don’t like” or “we don’t think it is important”. YouTube isn’t directly favoring a certain content to our knowledge, but it seems like several types of content is being favored because they get more money, or something like that. There are many types of content on YouTube but for this I am going to compare gaming and animation. YouTube system is better for channels that can post daily and for at least 10 minutes a video.

This can make it challenging for channels such as animation channels. Depending on what type of animation it is the development can take longer. For traditional animation, which is also known as cell animation, takes about 3-4 months to complete depending on how long the animation is. 2d Vector Based Animation, is done in flash and this is the form that a lot of youtubers use in their videos. It is the cheaper way to go and it takes about 15-20 days depending on how long the video is. 3d computer animation is the most popular type of animation and this is what almost all new Pixar movies are made in.

these movies can take four- six years, and this won’t make youtubers a lot of money because of how long it takes. Motion graphics takes a long long time and there isn’ttwo minutes of this on YouTube. This is mostly animated logos, app ads, and channel intros. Stop motion, the most complicated type of animation, uses real life objects instead of drawings, which takes about 5 years to create a full movie. Since it takes about 15-20 days to produce the most common type of video, it is hard for animation youtubers to make as much money as other youtubers.

Gaming channels only take a game system, game, and a recording software, and the editing doesn’t take as much time as animation. All the content creator is doing when editing is going through 20-30 minutes of film and taking all the parts that the creator doesn’t want in the video. The editing takes the longest to do out of the entire process for uploading a gaming video. A lot of gaming channels post daily because they have the time to do it and it doesn’t take long at all compared to animation but would this effect how much money they would be getting from YouTube? Many animation channels have claimed that the recent changes made in your tube’s algorithm is going to kill their channel, but they are thriving through it. Many thriving animators have major fan bases, as much as many as 5,000,000 subscribers.

There a lot of different number of subscribers and different amounts of money they get from YouTube for their content. Gaming channels also seem to get more money than animation channels do even though they don’t have the same amount or more subscribers on their channel. For example, TBNR Frags make more money than Jaiden animations by a couple thousand a month that is if he is getting the max average a month for his channel. Jaiden animations is only making 3.4k a month at max and TBNR Frags is making 17.

7k a month at max. Jaiden animations also has 1,000,000 more subscribers than TBNR Frags, just this shows that gaming channels get more money regardless the number of subscribers. Another example is Its AlexClark and Mr. Fruit gaming. The subscriber count is 600,000 difference and its AlexClark has more subscribers, but Mr. fruit gaming still makes more money by about 2,000 dollars at most a month.

From all this animation everyone can agree that even though a certain type of channel will have more subscribers, in this case animation, but still not make anything close to what another channel will make, gaming channels in this case. In conclusion You could say that YouTube is favoring a certain type of content because it is one of the biggest types of content on YouTube, or you could say that Youtube’s system came out and maybe YouTube will create a system that works out better for all channels. It does look like YouTube might be indirectly favoring certain types of content.