domestic violance in france

Rythea lee stresses “So many children and adults live through terrifying events but do not get the chance to process, unravel, or mend the pain.

” Domestic violence is not just blows, but also words that can last forever. It is a terrifing trauma that manifests pathways of extream confusion and fear. unfortunately these monster like actions have moved on from generation to generation, slowly establishing its self as a national cause. This is a serious problem in france and it has harmful effects on women and children.This stresses enough the fact that france’s government is not doing enough.

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In order to solve this serious problem, it should be our mission to find ways that can help stop this scary monster from moving foward. The cause of violent activities in peoples lives often lie in their earliest experiances. Physical attacks, sexual abuse, rape, threats and intimidations all usually starts within the family circle. Domestic violence is often comitted in the intimacy of couples. In 2008 a national police study showed that 150 women were murdered by their partner or ex- partner, while 27 men were killed in comparable circumstances.

However 11 of the women who killed their partners were also victims of domestic violence. Sadly in this never ending circle children are often stuck in the middle of these terrifying scenes. Then this unhealthy environment becomes normal life for them. The majority of kids never end up leaving the circle of violence they get thrown into, and this is how domestic violence keeps moving foward. Poverty in france is one of the biggest cause of domestic violence. Domestic violence is present in all social classes.

However statistics have proven that homes living from unemployment benifets or RMI (13,7 %) were the most effected. Poverty is a stressful matter that has enough power to make a person loose control. In most cases its usually the father who is loaded with stress dealing with bills and employment factors. It is at this point were things get out of control, and the father takes his stress out on his wife and kids. often starting with verbal attacks leading to physical abuse. Domestic violence seems to increase with the level of income and education in france.

As unemployment and education decrease domestic violence increases. Domestic violence affects every member of the family, including the children. Family violence creates a home environment where children live in constant fear. Children who are verbally and phisically abused tend to not have a bond with either parents. In addition most teen cases turn to drugs as their solution to their problems at home. In france children and teens are at greater risk for abuse and neglect if they live in a violent home.

Violence in a childs life can be traumatising leaving painful scars forever. Rythea Lee speeks from her own full-bodied experience. She quotes: ” I was breaking into bits, small and defenseless, a little girl with out choices. I lived a double life, working during the day, smiling, talking, paying bills. At any given pause i was vacuumed back in time to images of angry faces and unseeing hands, my child body taken hostage by people i trusted most. During the day i was a dancer capable of great freedom, moving my limbs in ecstatic articulations.

At night i covered my body parts with my palms, curled up shook. My body was battered constantly remembering.” Domestic violence is not only physicall but its more effectively emotional. Women are more sexually and physically abused by their partners. Research shows that in France a women dies of domestic violence every 5 days.

Many women victims suffer from emotional problems, depression, bulimia, anorexia and often suicide shows up in the picture as well. Battering is the single major cause of injury to women, more significant then auto accidents, rapes, or muggings. They tend to loose their friends and family becoming anti social. They live in inmense fear and embarrassed by the abuse inflicted upon them and withdraw from support persons to avoid embarrassment. Women are keeping quiet and holding back from what they feel and what they’ve been through because of fear. However They dont realize how much of a change it would make in their own life as well as others if they opened up and spoke the truth.

Silence is the main reason why this violent moster is still around. We can all help eliminate this present reality from entering our future. Many are already on the run for help in France. Sos Femmes is an organization in France that provides assistance and shelter to victims of domestic violence. This organization is one of the few associations to provide counseling via internet.

They recieve 20,000 emails each year mostly from women looking for help. Sos also provides shelter for women who need to escape from abusive partners. We can all help by educating people that Domestic violence is not ok, and that theres people who care and want to make a difference in the world. Just how France’s society is helping out, France’s government should give more recognition to this violent problem. Parliament gave final aproval to a law that makes phycological violence a crime.

However is this enough to stop this monster? in my opinion government should enforce strict laws. Also enforce education about domestic violence in schools. Many times children or youth who are victims of such savage behaviors go on thinking that this is ok and normal. They carry too much fear to open up and reach out for help. Domestic violence is taking over france and the world.

Its become such a problem but most people dont see it. Its time to take a stand and speek for those who never got the chance to. Domestic violence will be the main cause of death and invality, before cancer, road accidents and war. We can all help and make a difference