Dove China Imc Report

Demonstrably increase ‘nourishment’ brand perception. 3) Demonstrably increase ‘beauty brand perception. To achieve these goals Dove used MIMIC. So MIMIC tools used in campaign were PR, advertising and Sales Promotion/Point of Purchase. How was PR used in the campaign? During re-launch of the new product Dove ran a campaign where they used real women to show real beauty in their adverts instead of glamour models or celebrities.

This campaign certainly seems to be working in China.

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And it created a positive legislation on Chinese women. So how did Dove do that? First of all Dove did a research to understand Chinese women’s psychology. They said: “There are no ugly women. Just lazy ones” From the insights of Chinese women, Dove set its brand POP that every woman should unleash her beauty potential.

And they decided to use only real women in their communications. Throughout the campaign Dove kept investing in social media. They created an event where women were invited to share their beauty stories online.

Even though the purpose of these events on Internet was to rate awareness, which is more suitable for Advertising, I personally think that this tool was PR, as it does not only create awareness but also somehow develops a positive relationship between Dove and their customers. According to AAA Rise and Laura Rise, declining advertising effectiveness meaner that this communication tool is no longer effective for introducing and building a new brand.

Thus the only way to build a brand is through public relations (cited in Belch & Belch 2009).

Since Dove’s objectives were not only to increase their market share, but also to rebuild and evolve a brand, Public Relations seems to be the most suitable tool that could be used. Advertising. Advertisement, in my opinion, had made a great contribution in success of this campaign. To persuade Chinese women that Dove’s product was superior, Dove tested their product’s nourishing functionality against milk.

Dove’s product showed a significant strength over milk. Since bathing in milk, in China, is considered to be luxury, Dove’s product became a luxury that every Chinese woman could afford.

This message could reposition Dove’s brand from Admiration to Security. So Dove decided efficiently, what types of media should be used. First process in that stage was media planning.

Media planning primary objective s to develop a framework that will deliver the message in the most cost-effective manner possible. However it has become more complex than ever before (Belch & Belch 2009). After numbers of feedbacks and advices Dove decided to choose Internet, TV, magazine (print ads) and in-store communication. Certainly chosen medium proved to be the right.

If we look at the table and graph below, we can see that, despite the lower media expenditure Han other brands Dove’s increase in market share is significantly higher.

Graph 1: December 2011 China shower gel % market share Table 1: Shower gel estimated actual media spends in China Advertising is definitely very important tool in MIMIC, as it is the most cost-effective way to reach large audience (Belch ; Belch 2009). It also creates awareness and influences its audience decision. However public sees ads with skepticism, so advertising is not the best way to build credibility (Arena, Weighed ; Arena 2009).

Sales promotion/Point of Purchase Next MIMIC tools chosen were in-store communications. After raising awareness through ads and PR. Dove needed a final push to persuade their customers to buy the product.

Dove’s in-store execution was about product interaction through demos, samples, road shows and Dove’s beauty Ambassador. Effective sale promotions can accomplish a lot. It adds tangible, immediate, extra value to the rand. However overuse of sale of promotion can be detrimental to a brand in a several ways. A brand that is constantly promoted may lose perceived value. MIMIC Features.

This is a great example where all of MIMIC features had been applied. * Profile target market. The campaign targeted women who were urban women looking for a product that provides security and at the same time make them feel beautiful. * Use the relevant type of media. The media usage of this campaign is perfectly relevant. According to statistics media expenditure * Achieve communication synergy.

Communication was consistent throughout the campaign. * Building customers relationship. Thanks to PR Dove had built a positive relationship with their customers. * Influence Customers Behavior.

This campaign had certainly influence customers behavior and opinion. Customers now think that Dove’s product nourishes heir skin better.

How these tools worked together. MIMIC tools chosen for the campaign were very relevant with the given market situation of Dove. Dove chose PR and Advertising to rebuild their brand and create awareness among their customers, and sales promotion to give a final push in persuading customers to buy the product. This is a great example when PR, Advertising and Marketing work closely together to create a great success. However I would consider using Sponsorship to raise awareness amongst its customers.