Dove Case Analysis

Dove’s marketing strategy should plan for continued momentum of the campaign – Short term 2. Dove should address the criticism on “Campaign for Real Beauty’ effectively- Short term 3.

Changing people’s perceptions about the brand -Long term 4.

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Address the competition from other brands – Long term Problem Statement: The objectives of Unilever’s Dove market study and campaign are to establish Dove as an umbrella brand and increase the sales of the various Dove beauty products by debunking the stereotypes of definition of beauty by the society. Case Response: 4. 1 Prior to the year 2000 Unilever’s Dove brand has only one product, i. e.

beauty bar. The brand name depended upon the functionality benefits of the beauty bar, i. e. moisturizing benefits. In the year 2000 Unilever wanted to introduce various beauty care products under the Dove’s umbrella brand by Brand Extension (pg.

o. 58 Kotler, & Lane, 2008 As a Masterbrand Dove should create a strong association between other products and what Dove’s brand represents. The advantage of Dove’s brand extension is consumers can make inferences and form an expectation of the new product with an already known product. Since

Dove’s product positioning statement (pg. no.

75 Kotler, & Lane, 2008) was “Dove soap doesn’t dry your skin because it’s one-quarter cleansing cream. ” Dove’s product positioning along with a successful marketing mix it became one of the most recognizable brands in America. In 2007 Dove became an umbrella brand under which Unilever sold various beauty products. Dove devised a brand positioning strategy. Dove introduced various beauty products through category extensions. 4.

3 Brand meaning makes people to anticipate a particular capability of a brand/product. Prior to the year 2000 Dove differentiated (pg. no. 69 Kotler, & Lane, 2008) itself from ther soaps with its excellent moisturizing and cleansing capabilities. In the year 2000 Dove took advantage of brand equity (pg.

no. 242 Kotler, & Lane, 2008) to launch other beauty products. Dove tried to extend the brand meaning beyond the functional capabilities through “Campaign for Real Beauty