Analysis of Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

Introduction. This report present the analysis of the communications campaign of Dove Pro Age, which is a part of the big Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove is one of the brands of Unilever. It has been chosen for analysis because of its uniqueness, originality and innovative character.

The assignments consists of nine short chapters and is ended with conclusion.

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The main parts of the report consider the issues such as branding, positioning, target markets, integrated communications mix and communications objectives. The whole report is based on secondary research. The main source of information, needed to do the analysis of the campaign, was internet. Theory needed to support the analyze of found data, was strived mainly in the text book, “Marketing Communication”; A European Perspective by P. de Pelsmacker, M.

Geuens and J. van den Bergh. 2. Marketing communications and branding. Marketing communications have an important role in building and maintaining brand value….