Integrated Marketing Communication Report

Events included gigs, clubbing, arts, comedy, theater and festivals.

Spoonfed sees the growth on leisure economy which is going to expand its business scope and increase company profile by launching a campaign in the Olympic game 2012 London. Spoonfed current target is student within London and now moving towards tourists. The campaign will launch from July to August. Throughout the report, It follows a SOSTAC structure and the key things from the report are as follow: * Spoonfed has a budget of ? 100000 for the campaign Spoonfed main target groups are student in London * Communication tools such as Google ads and Facebook Ads etc * Main objective is to capture the hearts and minds from students and tourists.

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Situation Analysis Spoonfed was launched in 2007 and was first aimed in university students. They provide a free service to their customers and it basically like Google business model. Spoonfed is now at the business stage of that selling the advertise space to other companies to target Spoonfed’s audience in order to generate revenues.

Under Spoonfed’s business model, there is a future plan, not yet realized, which was to offer subscription version advertising free. However, it has been delayed due to the 2008 recession and the slow recovery.

Spoonfed’s business scope is to concentrate on the event in London and recently focus on 250,000 students within London. At this year, it is the time to focus on a specifically target market which named tourist due to the Olympics taking place in London. “Things to do in London? ” is Spoonfed’s slogan which is a guide to London events, such as gigs, live music, clubbing, theatre, exhibitions and London venues.

As the description above, we can clearly define Spoonfed as an information search firm. Their businesses are more focus on help people find out what different things can be do, place to stay in London or travelers tend to visit in London.

Spoonfed is an online publishing, technology company based in London that hosts web-based services and products. There are four aspects that can use to analyze the customers: numbers, types, value drivers, and decision process. In the initial years, Spoonfed was focus on student in London.

According to the market research shows because now leisure economy became one of the fastest sectors, and people spend over 450 million pounds to going to the theatre, it means Spoonfed has the potential opportunity target more students included the undergraduates and graduates. So it is clearly indicated that the number of the Spoonfed’s customers will be more than 250000, because the more and more people would like to go to the theatre or other events.

It has good impacts of increasing customers for the Spoonfed. Since Spoonfed provides users with detailed events information within London, the type of the customer is that student in London.

In addition, value drivers of Spoonfed’s customers, actually, values driver means solids raising the value of products or services through improving the perception of one projects and getting the competitive advantage. Moreover, it can be increasing the customer satisfaction to get the competitive advantage and improve the perception of one project. When comparing with other similar website, Spoonfed can give the depth information for the customers because of the narrow geographical. Therefore, the free service is one of the most important competitive advantages for the Spoonfed.

In terms of decision process for their customer, firstly, Spoonfed only provides the free detailed information of events within London, so it just can target people in London. Secondly, the market research indicates that students would like to spend more time to do events research than other people. As a result, Spoonfed decided to target the students which within London. Similarly, ents24. com is a website also provides entertainment guide.

They provide a larger geographical not just London, so the level of research with shallow depth information.

For example, people can find events in UK by Ent24 but price is not clearly and most of them are expansive. It cannot attract consumer’s attention. Also our competitive advantage is Spoonfed has already developed a mobile application to IOS users, in order to gain more users to use by their mobile. As an online based company, Spoonfed has a low cost of salary and management overhead. The reason is fewer employees are needed to run the company.

In addition, Spoonfed has a very good promotion channel. As we know, university students are more likely to discovery new things and share experiences with their friends.

They may tell their friends how cool Spoonfed is. This could be a very good way of promotion. However, the webpage is requiring a high level of computer technology skills to maintain.

The risk of anti virus or hackers could be the risk which affect the business. From the market research, the leisure economy is now one of the fastest growing sectors, therefore Spoonfed is now targeting 26 million tourists in London 2012 Olympic game. The 2012 Olympic games will be held in London. The opening ceremony will be located in the east end of London in Stratford’s Olympic stadium. Objectives Marketing Objectives: Introduce the service to tourists within London area and capture the their hearts and minds.

* Increase unit sales of adverts by 20 percent over two months. * Increase the number of event uploader. * Generate 10000 new register memberships. Communication Objectives: * Increase the user rate of Spoonfed’s mobile application. * Increase the awareness from 35 percent to 50 percent within two months.

* To position the service as the first point of contact for tourists looking for something to do in London. * To reposition the mind of looking for something to do is tiresome and fruitless experience and behind customers’ expectation.

Strategy “Spoonfed is the ultimate web and mobile guide to what’s on in London. We make it quick, easy and fun to find your favourite events and share them with friends. ” There are key steps to the strategy: 1. To find out all related information to London 2012 Olympic game 2.

Select the suitable communication tools to fit target audience. 3. To position Spoonfed as a quick, easy and fun to find favourite events. 4. Build a database for monitoring purposes.

5. Build a budget plan. There are three common target market segmentations: geographic, demographic and psychographic.

Spoonfed is going to focus geographic category: London tourists. Spoonfed sees the chance of expand the businesses worldwide to the upcoming event “London 2012 Olympic game”. Related information such as games location, the transport and advertisement regulation.

Since these information is important and affect the selection from variety of communication tools. The main message is significant and has to be sending out to all communication channels like press, posters, advertisement and internet. Once the campaign starts, awareness will also start building up, so a database reflects how success from the campaign.

The campaign will start from July and the durations are two months. Tactic London Underground There are number of ways Spoonfed advertise through outdoor media.

The first way is London underground advertising. Our advertisement will allocate over stair, corridor, lift and escalator. The advertisement takes place for the first month because it can attract the tourists when they arrive in London airport or through Euro stars. London underground is the first point they start travel. Our adverts can give them a fresh idea to look for things to do in London. Boingo Boingo is one of the major wireless internet providers in London Heathrow airport.

Spoonfed will purchase a maximum 10000 Boingo wifi account and use it for our campaign. When tourists travel abroad to London, they seek to use an internet services. Spoonfed will provide a one-day free Boingo internet access account for new register member. Tourists can simply register to Spoonfed membership and will directly give a free wifi connection under Boingo wifi hotspot. Bus supersides Bus advertisement helps the company target the specific geographical while choosing the right routes.

More specific, the Olympics Games will be hold in London, and Spoonfed can choose the route close to the stadium.

In hence, it attracts more tourists’ attention. For bus advertisement, it simply classify into three types: bus rear, bus supersides and bus T-side. See Appendix 1 for more detail. From the above three, Spoonfed is going to use bus supersides as it simply send out Spoonfed main messages along with our website to all passerby in the street. Leaflet Leaflet is the easiest way for the Spoonfed to advertise, and only need low costs of materials, such as ink, paper.

The printed word has a high degree of acceptance credibility and can easily pass from person to person.

The leaflet should include Spoonfed logo, a London area map combining with useful information. But, the weakness of this way is not every one will accept the strangers’ leaflet, and although consumers accept it, they may not read leaflet carefully. Therefore, the leaflet needs to put it over 19 tourists information centres. Facebook Facebook is a social networking service with more 845 million active users. Facebook adverts can reach different users online.

One of the advantages of using a Facebook adverts is to drive world of mouth with stories.

The sponsored stories promote the organic interactions between people and our business. The targeting criteria feature helps focus on our target group. Key words such as “London”, “Olympic game”, “Clubbing” will shown up on users news feed when users meet up those key criteria. The adverts can redirect to our Facebook pages, under the fans pages the like features enables Spoonfed know how many fans are following us. In return when Spoonfed post any latest update, it will automatically shown on users news feed.

Google Google as one of the biggest search engine provider, advertise at Google can hugely increase Spoonfed profile.

Google Ad Words is the Google program where you can host pay-per-click ads on your Website. When someone clicks an ad, you pay for each click. It is important to create ads and choose keywords by us, that are words or sentences will related to our business. When people search on Google using the keywords, our ads will appear next to the search results. Then we are advertising to the audiences that are already interested in us.

People can easily click our ad to know more about us. E-newsletters Spoonfed can use existing memberships data to maintain existing members, also promoto Spoonfed to their friend.

A welcome E-mail is essential, however, a weekly or monthly newsletters through E-mail. It helps Spoonfed keep interact with exiting member provide another platform for user to obtain up coming events. * Appendix 2 shows the tactical timings of different communication tools Action Budget and action plan: Item| Cost (? )| Who| |  |  | London Underground| 22100| Corporate Communication Department| Boingo| 10000| IT department | Bus supersides| 27440| Corporate Communication Department| Leaflet printing and design| 1500| Corporate Communication Department | Facebook| 10000| IT department|

Google| 10000| IT department | E-newsletters| 1500| IT department | Total (? )| 82540|  | The budget for this campaign is ? 100000 and which the estimated cost is under the limit. Exceeding fund can be further use on extra staff wages, or as an extra resource available.

The remaining resource can be use as extra staff wages, production cost or purchase on new equipment if necessary. Corporate Communication Department and IT department play an important role during this campaign and contribute a lot with their professional knowledge and experiences. The preparation of the campaign will start on June 2012.

The details are as follow. London underground and bus supersides London underground and Bus supersides are our main focus and will gain awareness within London areas.

The design needs to be simple, clear and Spoonfed main website need to appear in all different tools. For London underground stairway, lift and escalator panel, there are three suppliers provided and which must choose one of the three. The design must follow the require specification and ready for printing. A copy approval check is required by the CBS outdoor and within Spoonfed. The delivery deadline for the poster is 14 days before the start campaign.

It is essential the production team and the department being aware on the deadline day, if unable to delivery in time, the advertisement could not launch on time and needs a further 6 days for the next cycle.

For more in depth details please see cbsoutdoor. co. uk. Boingo All free wifi account has to be prepared and tested by IT department. Throughout the campaign, Spoonfed IT department will set up instructions for the tourist who registers to our membership.

The instructions have to be clear, easy and post it on the register webpage within Heathrow airport Boingo wifi connection.

A temporary technical hotline will set up for two months, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The purpose of the technical hotline is to resolve any issues during the register procedure (excluding any connection problem like fail to connect to Bingo hotspot, it will refer to Boingo hotline). In order to avoid the shortage of free wifi account, each portable device has a unique wifi address which can only register once. Special terms such as a special platform in Boingo’s connection page will negotiate before 1st July. Leaflet Appendix 3 shows the action plan for the leaflet printing.

The plan outlined the preparation process.

A4 size is the standard for leaflet and easily to fold up. It will print in full colour in double pages. A London map and London underground will print at the back and indications sign on several key Olympic game venues. At the front page, it divides into three aspects.

Firstly it includes Spoonfed logo and website. Secondly a sample of member register guide. Finally a design on the “fun” or “things to do in London”. The message needs to be clearly state and a facebook “like” logo need to include because it enables a connection between facebook and users. Additional it interacts with our facebook campaign.

Facebook and Google Facebook adverts and Google adverts are easily to set up.

Before that, we set up a daily limits base on each click. The differences between Facebook and Google are Facebook ads redirect to Facebook fans page and where Google will redirect to our Spoonfed home page. In our Facebook fans pages, basic company information such as homepage address, contact address. Event update is important because audiences are willing to hear new thing. In order to receive our updates, Facebook users need to click “like” and after that all updates from Spoonfed will appear on users news feed page.

The features of comment enables us to create a relationships to our fans in Facebook, therefore a special team will create to reply any comments on Facebook. Google advert is simply set up by putting keywords in the search engine. A list of keywords will be organize and also linked to other campaign. Once the internet search via Google, it appears on the top result. E-newsletter E-newsletter is a way to build trust since it provides a high value of information to exiting Spoonfed members. It catches attention to existing members.

E-newsletter will send weekly and includes some features events happened in London.

The design will be colourful and attract the reader to read. The content must keep it short and information must be clearly presented, if the reader is interested a hyperlink will redirect to specific events. E-newsletter will be sending on every Friday because people intend to spend leisure time from Friday night to Sunday. Internally a final sample will be design and being process from the E-newsletter team to IT department. IT department will technically check through the attachment, such as format, size or any anti-virus.

After all checking, the E-newsletter will send out on Friday.

Therefore a weekly deadline for E-newsletter is every Friday afternoon. Control Quantified objectives| Means of measuring| Frequency of measurement| Accountability| Cost| Increase unit sales by 20%| Unit sales| Monthly| Marketing Department| Free| Increase number of events| Number of events| Monthly| Marketing Department| Free| 10000 New members| Number of members| Monthly| IT Department| Free| User Rate of mobile application| Number of user| Monthly| IT Department| Free| Increase awareness| Traffic on Spoonfed website| Monthly| IT Department| |

The campaign requires a numbers of databases for monitor, measure and control purpose. The database focus on the start of the campaign (July to August 2012) and which can determine whether the campaign successful or not. 1. Number of new members 2.

Types and numbers of advertisement 3. User rate 4. Types of event upload For company awareness, Google Analytics and Facebook insight are use to measure. Google Analytic generates detailed statistic information through website. Information are daily visits, traffic types, time on site by country.

The service is free.

It track visitors from search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks. It integrated with Adwords which we use for our advertisement. By those result we can see whether the ads are performing or not, and it provide information to optimize or cull campaigns. One of the features is very useful in measuring on how our advertisement attracts new visitors.

Keywords analysis will show which keyword obtains the most searches. Once we know, we can upgrade our budget on the one which gain the most search by Google Ads. Facebook insight is a tool to measure how many people reaching Spoonfed through Facebook.

By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, admins and developers are better equipped to improve our business and campaign. In corresponding the awareness, the report from Facebook can reinforce the campaign.

The number of fans in Facebook, how many comments individuals post and how many people are engaging with the content share on Facebook are the key areas we focus on and able to draw conclusion whether Facebook Ads are succeed. Combining all the database and reports from outsource and internal source.

It provide a map on whether the successful of the campaign. If necessary, additional communication tool can be use with sufficient remaining fund.