Integrated Marketing Communications Case Study

Killingly wishes to expand to Europe, America and Asia creating more outlets but before entering the foreign market, Killingly needs to sort some of their issues out and seal their loopholes so that at the very end, it will be sees risky and can obtain better economic benefits.

Some of the issues that Killingly faces are their competitors, shop location, brand awareness and store layout. It also lacks of standardization, the menu at the main outlet and its franchise outlets is different.

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The franchise outlets menu currently has more food choices. Its competitors such as Toast Box and Way Sunk are getting more response due to understanding today’s consumer modern thinking and how they come up with different new ways to cater to the consumers. For example, Toast Box and Way Sunk, aesthetically, look more presentable and pleasant as to Killingly.

They have made their ‘Spatial’ style more unique and modern through their furnishings and furniture. These alone, made it more welcoming and created a cozy environment for all consumers.

However, they did not only focus on aesthetics alone. Their history, traditions and identity were also designed together with the touch of aesthetics. Their outlets were designed in a way that it emits a nostalgia feeling that connects and educate consumers to their rich history.

The look of the shop, the cups and teaspoons they use, the posters and prints they hang, the menus, the traditional eels they offer and the smell of coffee, tea and toasted kayak bread has all been carefully thought and planned out during the design process.

Toasted is heavily funded by Breadbasket Group Limited where is owns not only Toasted but other food chains such as Din ATA Fungi, Food Republic and Breadbasket as well. Due to the fact that Toasted is heavily funded, it can do more in terms of marketing efforts and spending more money on enhancing its awareness and image. 3 Killingly also faces indirect competitors such as Struck and Coffee Bean. Although these cafes don’t necessarily offer the same products on the menu as Killingly, these fees does harm to Killingly by drawing away potential customers and crowds.

This is Decease cares Like stardust’s Ana coffee Bean are easily accolades Ana stores are designed well to attract customers. In addition, Silliness shop locations play a big part in the issue of low influx of customers. The various shop locations of killingly are located near other hawker centers and food stalls where customers can choose to go instead of Killingly. This will pose as a threat to killingly because these hawker centers and food stalls are Silliness threats and competitors. Also, Killingly does not have efficient store outlets to make itself available to customers.

Compared to its competitors such as Toasted, Silliness amount of store outlets is not comparable. Lastly, Silliness brand awareness can use a little boost. This is because Silliness current brand awareness is not sufficient for customers to want to visit Killingly for a meal or tea. Other competitors such as Way Sunk and Toasted have successfully created awareness for themselves and their brands are constantly in the minds of customers. Silliness marketing efforts are poor and insufficient.

Therefore, this is a problem for Killingly.

Everyone has something that they are fond off resulting the brand, product, service and/or advertisements to be stored in their head for a period of time. These memories were made because it exhilarates the consumer emotions through a sense of humor, sex, in good spirits or sad manner. Killingly can win the hearts of the public using the same concept that will cause an increase in brand, image, identity and sales. In conclusion, such issue that Killingly faces, results in a stagnant business for Killingly. This will hinder Silliness expansion of ideas or marketing efforts because there will be insufficient funds.

Therefore a commendation of an integrated marketing concept(elm) with strong influence of creativity enchanted 4 with humor will revamp Killingly, increase their profits and create a buzz from the public. 1. 2 MIMIC Model Fig 1: Proposed MIMIC Model MIMIC is a strategic business process used to plan, develop, execute and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communication programs with consumers, customers, prospects employees and other relevant external and 5 internal audiences. The goal of MIMIC is to generate financial returns and build long- term brand value.

MIMIC plays a major role in the process of developing and sustaining equity and brand identity.

The figure above will show how MIMIC at different stages, utilize different marketing tools to execute their objectives at every level. 1. 3 MIMIC stage one stage one AT ten Integrated Marketing communication consists AT Advertising. According to Webster, “Advertising is the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements. ” Different forms of advertising includes poster, ambient, underground, press, magazines and the list will go on.

However, this report will only focus on specific form of advertising which are elevate and feasible in the context of Killingly.

1. 3. 1 Ambient Ambient advertising refers to any kind of eye-catching advertisements in unusual public areas. Examples of such advertisements include sides of egg cartons, hanging straps in train carriages, huge image on sides of buildings or even on hot air balloons. (Question, 1997) Such advertising techniques work by providing an element of surprise to the lives of the hectic spontaneous consumers by advertising in uncommon areas.

For example, daily commuters taking the train might be surprised to see advertisements on the hanging straps. Hence, out of curiosity, a large number of commuters might pick up the eye catching piece of advertisement and the attention is gathered. In local context, one upcoming trend of advertising is through the use of Quick Respond codes (CAR codes). As most Singapore are carrying smartness with installable APS such as a CAR reader app, Killingly could take advantage of this technology to carry out promotions and publicity of Killingly.

Killingly could carry implement CAR codes on window panels of trains or hanging straps to attract commuters. To capture the attention of onlookers, the sliding 6 rain doors could turn into a bread toast and the pamphlets on the hanging straps could be shaped like bread toasts.

Once an attracted commuter scans the CAR code with his smartened, Silliness promotional message would be shown. Electronic Discount coupons such as 1 for 1 set meal could be stored in the commuter’s smartened and presented at any Killingly stores.

This move not only increases the brand awareness of Killingly and could also increase the direct sales by evoking the sudden cravings of hungry commuters. As a result, this might increase the possibility f commuters stopping at specific train stations to go to Killingly. Another approach that Killingly could adopt is to produce an outdoor campaign featuring a giant bread toast in the prime location with high human traffic such as the Central Business District.

This strategy is definitely an eye catching move that will capture the attention of many puzzled and curious onlookers.

In addition, sales promoters will be around the area to give out free samples of bread toasts to onlookers and inform them of the Killingly outlets in the vicinity. Other than increasing brand awareness, mime saving white collared workers might prefer the idea of grabbing something fast or for takeaways so that they could return to their busy working schedules. A last approach is to add a touch of creativity to ambient advertising. Currently, there are many manholes in the pavements of Singapore.

One way to enhance the effect of ambient advertising is to advertise through such manholes that are commonly found in Singapore. As the manholes in Singapore are square, killingly could transform such manholes from a plain dull manhole to something which is visually appealing such as he bread toast of Killingly through the use of advertising stickers that are normally pasted on trains and sliding doors etc. Killingly could target selected manholes with nylon unman tramcar sun as ten central Dustless a t In Singapore or along Is roll pavements near popular shopping centers. This strategy would thus capture the attention of the working executives and shoppers, promoting brand awareness as well as creating a discussion topic on the interesting advertising technique they had seen earlier. The following pictures depict some of the proposed plans by the team for Silliness ambient advertising campaign.

Fig 2: Drainage which looks like a cup of Silliness hot tea. Fig 3: Ambient Advertising, drain acts as a toaster. 8 1. 3. 2 Underground advertising Underground advertising refers to advertising strategies placed within the underground train stations.

Such advertising strategies not only allow companies to target every segment who takes the train, it also offers a form of consumer engagement. As the waiting time for trains on the platform is 4 to 6 minutes on non-peak periods and 2 to three minutes on peak periods, local advertisers would have plenty of time to capture the attention of daily commuters. This waiting time is also sufficient for commuters to read, consider and develop an attitude towards the advertisements.

According to CBS Outdoor, an outdoor media advertising company, 87% of the London Tube commuters responded reacted positively to underground advertising and felt that it was a welcomed distraction. In addition, 79% of commuters had been somewhere, purchased something or looked something up due to underground advertising on the tube (CBS Underground, 2012). In local context, Killingly could build on the success of underground advertising in the London Tube and incorporate it into the local culture.

For example, in the platform of local train stations, there are usually displays which show the waiting time for the rural AT ten next train. Rise of advertisement featuring Killingly, its locations and its products and offerings. This strategy could work in conjunction with ambient advertising through the use of CAR codes on hanging straps. After seeing the advertisements on displays in the platform, an interested commuter might be further motivated if he realizes that Killingly is also offering promotions on its products after scanning the CAR code in the rain. Hence, this combination of ambient and underground advertising might increase the sales of Killingly.

Another strategy would be to use a little creativity to enhance the effect of underground advertising in Singapore.

For example when cleaners in Singapore mop the floor, they would normally place a caution sign, depicting wet floor. 9 In the context of MR. stations, the section near to the escalator which does not blocks the flow of the crow would be used for advertising by Killingly. In this section, there would be a signage cautioning kayak butter wet floor. However, in this case, the lour would not be wet from water but kayak and butter instead.

Multiple kayaks and butters would be placed in this designated area and a label with silliness brand name would be placed in the area.

Another plan would be to include advertising stickers on the train floors to depict spilled coffee and tea, portraying Silliness products. This would serve not only as a way to capture commuter’s attention but also as a talking point for many people. Hence, this would increase brand awareness and curious commuters to try out the butters in their bread toasts that Killingly offers The following pictures are some proposed plans for underground advertising.

Fig 4: sign used as a pun to create humor and awareness. 10 Fig 5 Underground Advertising, coffee/tea stains to cause brand awareness.

1. 3. 3 Internet advertising Internet advertising refers to publicity and advertisements targeted to consumers through the use of the internet. Internet advertising is a growing sector as an increasing number of consumers own internet browsing devices such as computers, tablets and smartness. Hence, it is now easier for consumers to browse the web and marketers should take advantage of this growing trend to argue consumers.

As reported in Channel Magnesia on 12 March 2012, experts estimated that the number of Asians who can access the internet through their computers, smartness or tablets is around 40-50% (Hew, 2012). This is a sector that Killingly could tap into as advertising through this sector could mean that almost half of population could be influenced. One form of internet advertising that Killingly could target is through social networking sites such as Backbone. In recent years, Backbone had seen off other social networking sites such as Hi 5 and Friendlier.

Nowadays, a large number of the population uses Backbone and Backbone users are not only restricted to Gene X and Y population but to some of the baby boomers as well.

As an increasing number of people are connecting to the internet on the go, one of the favorite ways to kill time is to check their Backbone status. Hence, advertising and creating a Killingly fan page in Backbone would allow Backbone users to be informed of the latest promotions and updates from Killingly. Another form of internet advertising is through current hot gaming APS such as “Scramble with Friends” and “Draw Something”.

Such gaming APS are popular among smartened users and can be downloaded from the App store and Google Play.

If a gaming app is fun, the popularity of the app would increase exponentially through word of mouth. In order to have a connection with such a fun game, Killingly can use a creative form of advertising in such gaming APS. One example of such creativity is to show a black screen with only sounds and no visuals. This sound can be 12 something that allows consumers to remember the products of Killingly such as the sound of stirring the coffee or the sound of cracking an egg.

This advertising sound will be played after each intervals or levels of the game. However, the main pull factor will be that there will not be any answers given as what the sound actually is.

Gamers will be left to ponder what exactly this mysterious sound is. After a certain numbers of time that the sound had been advertised, the answer will then be revealed to show the brand of Killingly. This will be a form of classical conditioning where consumers learnt of the sound through repetition and they will be reminded of Killingly whenever they hear the similar sound elsewhere.

As a result, the next time consumers hear the sound of a stirring spoon or an egg cracking, they would be reminded of Killingly and might be influenced to purchase Killingly. In addition, if Killingly Spatial were to advertise in such gaming APS, the number of consumers exposed to this form of classical conditioning would increase exponentially as well.

13 The following pictures are some proposed plans for internet advertising. Fig 6: Hot gaming APS is a good advertising tool to increase publicity Fig 7: Internet Advertising, Killingly pop up ads on social platforms to allow information to be spread. 4 1. 3. 4 Advertisement through magazine In Singapore, there is a range of different types of magazine for different segments of consumers. There are Times magazine for business affluent consumers, Teenage magazine for teenagers and 8 Days and I- weekly as a general lifestyle magazine for the general audience etc.

Despite the availability of a wide range of magazines, advertisements by the bread toast industry in Singapore had rarely featured in such magazines. This is a chance for Killingly Spatial to promote its products and increase its branding at the same time.

One range of magazine that Killingly could target is lifestyle magazines such as 8 Days and I-weekly magazines. Consumers reading such magazines range from teenagers to elderly. Hence, if Killingly advertises in such magazines, a wide range of consumers would be targeted.

In Singapore, a large number of middle aged aunties who are easily enticed by promotions often read such magazines as they contain guides on food, and shopping. If killingly were to offer promotions on its products, there is a high probability that this group of consumers would be enticed to accept the bait.

In edition, to add creativity to advertising, Killingly could target the food section of such magazines and redesign the textbook in these pages to look like the broadcast of Killingly. At the bottom of each textbook, the brand of Killingly would be displayed. As such, readers of such magazines would be constantly exposed to the brand of Killingly and achieve better brand recognition. 15 I en Toweling vultures are ten proposed plans Tort averting tongue magazines.

Fig 8: Textbook in magazines which depicts the bread toast of Killingly Fig 9: Advertisements in magazines such as 8 days and I weekly 16 . Stage 2: Conversations In this stage, messages, information and knowledge are exchanged one sided and/or two sided. It is to create awareness; a buzz to attract attention in visual and/or verbal with pull and/or push tactic. Examples of conversations include Direct mail, Store Cards, Vouchers, and Consumer Trade Shows etc. Through different ways, direct or indirect conversations are formed between people.

1. 4. 1 Direct Mail Direct mails include newsletters, flyers, emails, snail mails etc. This marketing strategy focuses on visual, straight into the hands of consumers for them to decode.

It is easily reached at large but with disadvantages.

Direct mails are commonly ignored by many and disposed away people the moment they take it out from their mail box. On the other hand, with some plans, such flaws could be reduced. When creativity is applied, this will increase the likelihood of retaining the flyer or brochure in the hands of the consumer and also increase the likelihood of the consumer purchase. Instead of normal flyers, flyers with its own characteristics such as flyers in the shape of a toast bread and scented paper with tea leaves scent to excite the sense of smell could be created.

In marketing concept, the classical conditioning concept through the smell of tea leaves will be associated with Killingly in the minds of consumers.

By selecting the group of consumer to be mailed, further value is added to loyal customers. For example on birthdays or anniversary, a mail will be sent out. All paper material produced for marketing by Killing. This creates value to customer as it makes them feel important and special. Killingly is a vintage signature, it is equally important to not only secure the loyal consumers but also the younger generation.

Promotions such as one for one, free throw-ins and add-ins with rower price will attract first timers and switchers. 17 1. 4. 2 Store Cards There are many different varieties of store cards with different ways AT levering value to consumers. For example, sling up Tort empowerment Ana getting a store card with 10% discount on every trip; stamping collecting card on each visit with a certain amount spent earns a stamp and with a certain number of stamps, a discount or free item will be given. Another common store card commonly used by patrol stations is the point collection system for exchange of items with number of points accumulated.

This marketing strategy uses the pull theory by attracting and luring people with the benefits they are offering on long term basis. There are also companies using combined store cards tactics to double the value delivery to the consumer. Benefits of store cards allow the company to have a record of their customer’s data base. Killingly could use store cards not only to benefit loyal customers but also lure first timers and switchers to their brand. Instead of the usual store cards that are commonly used by marketers, Silliness cards could be in shapes of toast bread, a spoon, butter and tea leaves etc.

This creates awareness through word-of-mouth, a form of informal marketing, which is the most influential and powerful source of marketing. 18 The following pictures are some proposed PIP and Thanksgiving cards for Killingly. Fig 10: Unique Killingly promotional cards Fig 11: Bread shaped thank you card by Killingly 19 1. 4. 3 Vouchers Voucher is similar to store cards except it is a one-time trip basis.

It can only be used once and the main purpose is to create awareness. Different shapes, sizes and designs could be created. Promotions would vary depending on the shape and picture on the voucher.

For example, if the voucher is in a shape and picture of toasted bread, it can only be used for purchase of toast bread. Drinks vouchers will be valid to free drinks.

Vouchers can be distributed directly or indirectly. Direct distribution through daily customers or be mail sent out to the customers. For Indirect distribution, companies could co-operate with shopping malls, banks, hotels etc, to combine promotions. Through this way, consumers would be able to enjoy a cup of hot tea with bread toast whenever they are in the banks or hotels etc. The following picture shows the proposed design of discount voucher to