This paper is about Dr. Seuss and his life and family.Also this paper has information about when he died, and other things.

Also this is about his wives and his younger life. You will like this paper because it is about a good author that wrote kids books.Did you know that Dr.Seuss got in trouble in college with his friends for throwing a drinking party?Dr.Seuss’ dad was a Brew Master.

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Do you know when he was born?I do and it’s in the paper so read. Dr.Seuss was an American Author from Springfield, Massachusetts. He was born in 1904. He was born in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.

His parents were Theodore Robert and Henrietta Geisel.His birth name was Theodor Seuss Geisel.Seuss is his mother’s maiden name.He had one sister.Her name was Marnie.

His mom died at the age 81.His dad was the Brewmaster in the Springfield. Dr. Seuss attended Central High School.He liked school enough to go to college 2 times.After his high school graduation, he went to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

He majored in English.He didn’t get a minor in college. One of his interest was being a cartoonist and editor for the College Newspaper, Jack-O-Lantern. The Jack-O-Lantern was a humor paper. Dr Seuss and his friends got in trouble for having a drinking party in his dorm room.

This was against the law because it was during Prohibition.As punishment he was kicked off the college paper staff. However, he continued to write for the paper under the name Seuss. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he went to Graduate School at Oxford University in England.He was going to get a Masters Degree to become a professor but he got bored and dropped out of college.

Dr. Seuss met his first wife, Helen Palmer, while at Oxford.They moved back to the United States after he dropped out of Oxford. Dr. Seuss started his career by making advertisements for Standard Oil.He was also a cartoonist for a few magazines like PM Magazine, Life, Vanity Fair, The Saturday Evening Post, and more.

When War World II started he was too old for the draft.He still wanted to help.He helped by making training videos for the army.He also drew posters for the Treasury Department. Dr.

Seuss got his start in children’s books thanks to the Viking Press.They contracted him to draw pictures for a series of children’s books.The first kids book that he wrote was called And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street.It was rejected by 27 different people before it was published in 1937. His career took off when he got a job to write a kids’ book using 220 vocabulary words.At the time (1954), kids’ vocabulary level was being questioned.

The book he wrote was The Cat in The Hat. Some interesting facts about Dr.Seuss is he wasn’t a doctor of any kind.He added Doctor to his name so that he would have credibility to his characters.He didn’t like kids.

The book Green Eggs And Ham was written because of a bet.Dr. Seuss was a boy scout.As a boy scout he won a Presidential Award for selling US War Bond.At the awards ceremony, the president didn’t have enough awards for all of the kids that won the Presidential Award.When he got to Dr.

Seuss, the President said “what’s this kid here for”.That made Dr. Seuss scared of public appearances.He hated to make public appearances and would sometimes skip public appearances. Dr.

Seuss had two wives.His first wife was Helen Palmer.They met in England at Oxford University.They married in 1927.She died in October 1967.She died from cancer.

One year later he married his second wife.Her name was Audrey Stone Geezle.She lasted from 1968 to when Dr.Seuss died in 1991.He had an affair with her before his first wife died.He didn’t have any kids with either of his wives because he didn’t like kids.

His interest was writing. I think that the money and the need for the kid books drove my author to write kids’ books.I think that he went where the money was because he didn’t like kids but wrote kids’ books anyway.He got into the kid books thing when there was a need for them and a demand.He didn’t always want to be a book writer because he was a cartoonist, wrote articles, and made advertisements. Dr.

Seuss wrote a total of 44 kids’ books. He received many awards and achievements.Some of the awards he won were in 1984, The Pulitzer Prize for a Lifetime of Contribution to Children’s Literature;in 1951:An Academy award for “Gerald McBoing-Boing” for best cartoon;in 1977:An Emmy for “Halloween is Grinch Night” for best children’s special; in 1982:An Emmy for “The Grinch Grinches the Cat” for best children’s special; in 1971:a Peabody Award for the animated specials, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and “Horton Hears a Who!”.He won an Oscar for the cartoons “Gerald McBoing-Boing”, “Hitler Lives” and “Design for Death”.He won aLegion of Merit Award for the film “Why We Fight” movie series. Dr Seuss wasn’t without debates.

He had a book that was stopped from selling.It was about the Cold War.It was pulled from the shelves because the book referred to the Cold War and the Arms Race. The book that was pulled from the shelves was called The Butter Battle Book.The book was about zoosk trying to outdo each other.They start making weapons and bombs and stuff.

The zooks drop bombs on each other.I think that Dr.Seuss tried to put his opinions into his books. In 2014, Canada librarians tried to pull his bookHop on Pop off the shelves.They are trying because they say it encouraged kids to take a pop at their Dad. Dr.

Seuss died on September 24, 1991 in California.He was 87 years old.He was a good guy and was a determined man.He was determined because he could have given up on his first book when it was rejected by 27 publishers.If he would have given up he wouldn’t have been famous.

I think that he was happy about the bet that made Green Eggs and Ham because that book became one of his best. He was a good man.His books were all good and changed the kids’ books forever.