Eighth Grade Graduation

It was over a year ago, that I graduated from eighth grade.

I remember that day was the proudest moments of my life. It was the evening of June 5th and i was waiting for graduation to begin. The teachers gave us the sign and we started to walk into the gym and take our seats. As I looked at the program for the graduation, on the back was a dedication to one of my former class mates. It brought tears to my eyes because the boy it was dedicated to had been in my kindergarten class, and was in a car crash.

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He didn’t make it. This meant a lot to me knowing that the school would mention him. After the superintendent, principal, and vice-principal talked for what seemed like our, came the part I was waiting for: the awards. My brother had graduated three years before, and me being the little sister I am,wanted to be better than him. Before they did the awards they handed out participation awards, showing that you did chorus, band, etc.

Then came time for the academic awards. I Thought I had a chance at getting some of them, which was ok with me. The principal was announcing who would get the science award, and to my surprise she said my name. I wasn’t excepting to that award. As I was walking up to my award she also said that I would be receiving the social studies award.

That one I excepting to get, because everyone knew I was a huge history buff. But those awards didn’t matter to me because the one I wanted i wan’t likely to get. Some of the kids in my grade are pretty smart. So when they were announcing the names of the top 5% of my class I was on the edge of my seat. I was so worried i wasn’t going to be in it.

My brother had been it, so I wanted to be in it too. As the principal started calling out the names I waited. There were only five people, so that just made things worse. I was on the edge of my seat when she called my name. I was very surprised.

I was shocked. i couldn’t believe that I was in the top 5% when there are kids who I thought were smarter than me in my class. I got a medal and a plaque showing that it was true. That was one of the best moments of my life. The next day I wore my medal to school. I didn’t care what people said,or if they made fun of me.

To me, being in the top 5% was like winning the lottery.