Arrowhead students rounding for graduation

Senior year, the year many students look forward to. The seniors at Arrowhead high school are going to be graduating in ten months. Arrowhead High School has seen students come and go as graduation season comes around.

Some students will be graduating in January, while others will be graduating in June. Graduation is there to show how far many of the Arrowhead students and the feeder schools have made it in their education so far. Arrowhead is not the only school that has graduation for Seniors. Almost every if not all high schools have graduation. Starting from when students are only about 5 or 6 years old they enter kindergarten. As they get older, they move up a grade level.

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Senior year is your last year of schooling that is required by the state of Wisconsin. It is year 12. The last year of required schooling for kids. If students choose, they have the option to move onto going to college. Depending on which major you take, the amount of schooling is varies. Graduation day is going to be June 6th 2015 for the students that don’t choose to graduate at semester.

The official ceremony where the seniors will be walking across the stage and getting their diplomas will be on the football stadium at 7:30 pm. Admission is free to all friends and family. Parking is also available at both north and south campus schools. Parking is also available right by the tennis courts. “Looking back, i can’t believe my senior year is here already.

Its like i just got to Arrowhead. I remember coming to school the first day of my Freshman year, i was so scared. I didnt know where to go, i didn’t know anyone and i didn’t know what to expect. I was seriously terrified. Now i look back and realize that there was nothing to be scared about.

All the teachers are nice and friendly, the school is easy to navigate and i have made many friends here at Arrowhead.” Says Jena Hernandez, a Senior at Arrowhead high school. If a student chooses, or is able to graduate at semester, which is late January, they must take their first semester exams. After they take all of their first semester exams and have enough credits to graduate, they must fill out a form to graduate. ON the form, the student’s guidance counselor that the student is assigned must fill out the reason to graduate early, have their signature, the students signature and the parent of the students signature.

Even if the student is 18 years old, their parents must legally sign off on the form saying that it is okay for them to Graduate early. Students that Finish up their senior year in january are not able to pick up their diplomas until the ceremony in June. Students that graduate early are still welcome to attend prom, Sports games or anything pertaining to Arrowhead high school. “All the seniors are so scared but so excited to graduate. I just can’t believe that it is actually here.

Its like the time flew by. It seems as if yester was my first day of freshman year.” says Hernandez.