Senior Students Look Forward to a Big Year

Senior year is the last hoorah of high school. It’s known as the famous year of football games and senior prom, of final goodbyes and discovering the future. Currently, I am watching my senior year unfold and I am looking forward to what will undoubtedly be a year of adventure.

I am looking forward to being under the Friday night lights cheering on my team, the Warhawks, and witnessing my last high school football game as a student. I am looking forward to senior prom in the spring and my last Spanish club immersion trip, which has been a tradition for the past four years. I am even looking forward to the red sea of caps and gowns at graduation in June. But some students see their senior year differently.Jessie Calhoun, an Arrowhead senior, says she is making the best of her senior year and trying to prepare for college. She says she has been sending in applications while still being involved in school activities.

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Calhoun is a member of Interact Club, a club that gets involved with students and the community. She also participates in Earth club, as well as intramural volleyball. She says she is looking forward to senior prom, the senior party, and graduation, and she says these will be some of the last chances for the graduating class of 2015 to be together. Calhoun says she is “stressed to the max” with tests and applications but is excited to see what her senior year holds. Connor Kempson, also an AHS senior, says he sees this year as his last chance to make memories with friends he has known since he was just a kid.

He says it’s his last chance to experience all high school has to offer and to not take one day for granted. He says he knows within a years time his life will change drastically. Kempson says being a part of the Arrowhead football team has had an impact on his life. He says it has made his four years of high school, especially his senior year, unforgettable. “The team has been a family to me the past four years.

It will be strange not being with these boys next fall,” he says. Kempson says he is also looking forward to prom and graduation and hopes his senior year is the best year yet. With all the things senior year has to hold, I am most looking forward to a year of laughter, friendship, and memories that will last far longer than the few hours I spend at graduation.