Senior Year: The Parties and Plans to Come

High school is known as the best years of your life. But senior year is known as the best year. This school year, high school seniors, the class of 2014, are anxiously waiting the benefits of being a senior to kick in, along with putting their plans for next year into motion. says, “Either it’s the last step before breaking free of high school or it’s the most fun year ever, when commencement celebrations start on the first day back.” And the 2014 seniors have been waiting to be the top-dogs since freshman year. The year ahead will consists of activities that are only open for seniors to participate in—Nerf wars, senior skip days, and senior parties. Every fall, seniors participate in a highly anticipated game of Nerf wars. The seniors participating will split into teams of four and compete against another group.

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The teams are picked by the seniors and each student to make their own teams. The object is to shoot the opposing team members, until only one participant is left. There is one way the seniors can avoid getting shot—being naked. This activity normally starts over the week of homecoming. Along with that, once a year in May the seniors arrange a “senior skip day,” where the seniors skip out of school on a Friday and have a three day weekend.

During this day, it is common for the seniors to all go to a baseball game or picnic. This is one of the two main activities that take place in the spring. Before graduation, senior parents organize a farewell senior party, which normally occurs the weekend before graduation. The seniors who attend are “locked in” the building until one in the morning. During this time, psychics, hypnotists, and various food booths are the three main attractions.

Along with looking forward to the privileges of senior year, seniors are looking forward to leaving high school. After high school, students have the options to go to a college or university, enroll in the military, or begin working right away. Teaghen, a senior, says, “After high school, I plan to go to college at either Carroll College or Milwaukee School of Engineering for nursing.” So whether students are looking forward to their senior year or looking forward to moving on to a new chapter of their life, senior year will be full of activities and privileges that were not available in the past.