Senior Year Is Not a Journey

“Senior Year Has Been a Journey” Senior year has not been a journey. Mostly because I haven’t been in school long enough to call it a journey but also because it’s been a lot similar to that of a prison sentence. If you think about it children have been in school since they could walk and talk and senior year is the year that everyone is supposed to remember and look back and say “man those were the years”. However quite frankly I don’t think I will look back in twenty years and say “man I wish I would have gotten to study hall a little bit earlier in high school, because that lady that barely knew my name had a lot to say”. The purpose of senior year is to prep us for college but it seems as if high schools are having a bit of a hard time trying to let go of their seniors.

They loosed the rope a bit but letting us have off campus lunch but you get stuck in traffic one time trying to do the sonic challenge one time and your off campus privileges are revoked for life. Seems pretty harsh considering the fact that most of us are eighteen and legal adults. All I’m trying to say is that professors at college don’t care if you come back late from lunch, for crying out loud they don’t even care if you show up to their class because they get a check whether you’re there or not. High School should be more like college. People in college wouldn’t give you an in school suspension complaining about how you “miss too much school” and then put you in an isolation chamber while school is going on. When high school is all over I want to be able to say I enjoyed every bit of my high school career however the only thing that I have accomplished is having every flu known to man, strap throat, staphylococcus, racking up more detentions then I can count on my hands, and being late to study hall every day for the entire second semester.

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I can’t quite say that senior year was a journey but I can look back and say that I got some good sleep on the days that I was supposed to be taking chemistry test and I enjoyed eating ice cream with strap throat at home.