Should Underclassmen Be Allowed Into A Senior Class?

It is unlikely for underclassmen in a high school to be allowed into a senior class.

The underclassmen have their classes and the seniors have theirs. That’s how every ordinary high school works. However, if one’s ability is adequate, even if they are underclassmen, shouldn’t they be allowed to at least test into a senior class? I know that it wouldn’t mix if every class were underclassmen and seniors. They are all at different grade levels for academics. But, if underclassmen have the ability to do the work of a senior, shouldn’t they have the opportunity to take that class? In my opinion I think they should. It is not fair if a student is being held back due to the age difference.

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If they have the ability to work at the level of an upperclassmen, then they should at least get a chance to prove that they belong in a more advanced class. It’s not fair if teachers put them in a class that has all underclassmen in it but below their level of learning. A good example of this happening is in a language class. Some schools offer an immersion program, which is when you start kindergarten with a language. An example of a language is a Spanish class. Some kids have been in a Spanish immersion program since they were in kindergarten.

This actually is very helpful in some ways. I’m fluent Spanish. I definitely think it is an advantage. Whenever I go to the mall or a restaurant, I hear people speaking Spanish. I don’t just hear them talking I’m able to understand what they are saying. I’m able to communicate with other people and have a full out conversation with them.

In my opinion, if underclassmen have to stay in a Spanish class, or any language/regular class, that is not at their level, it is not fair to them. When you think about it, if the student already learned what they other students are learning now then they are just wasting a class. It’s just relearning the stuff they already know. I understand that the other students in that class are at the level the teacher is teaching them but if that one student is at a higher level of learning than why are they in that class? The reason for this is because it is supposedly wrong to mix underclassmen with upperclassmen. It’s hard for an underclassmen to sit in a class learning the same things over again.

If a student has adequate experience in speaking a language fluently they should be able to test into a higher class instead of being put into the appropriate age group of the class. The aren’t using their full potential in a language and it is not fair to them. Yes it would seem a little weird to have an underclassmen in a senior class but why not let them prove themselves to the teachers that they belong in a higher class. They should be able to show the skills they have.