Should Students be Allowed to be Homeschooled?

“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn,”-unknown.

Education plays a large role in the success of a child. A proper education can come in many different forms, including homeschooling, and should adapt to the student. Homeschooling allows certain students to learn at their own pace or freedom, in addition to improving their social and life skills. Homeschooling allows students to learn at a speed and difficulty that they feel is comfortable. Different students have varying capabilities that need to be tended to. Students who have mild to severe disorders and disabilities, from ADHD to autism, often find homeschooling as a convenient alternative.

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Homeschooling lets these students learn in a natural way without pressure. Many parents of potential home schooled students worry that their child wouldn’t receive social and life skills they could learn at school. On the contrary, according to Homeschool World, a blog that shows statistics about homeschooling versus public schooling, homeschooling students outranked students enrolled in public schooling in all four topics; communication, daily living, socialization, and maturity. Students who are homeschooled are proven to have higher test scores than students enrolled in public schooling. According to Homeschool World, while students of public schools average fifty percent on national tests, students who are homeschooled normally score in between eighty to ninety percent on these same tests in all subjects. Another statistic from this source shows the most common six professions of a father of a homeschooled student.

The six professions, in order of ranking, consist of; accountant, engineer, professor, doctor, lawyer, and small business owner. Due to the previous statistic, parents of publicly-schooled students often feel that homeschooled students are only successful because of the amount of money their parents spend on their education. In contrast, test scores show that parents who spend under six-hundred dollars on their homeschooled students have students who average on tests at the eighty-sixth percentile. Similarly, parents of homeschooled students who spend over six-hundred dollars have students who average only three percent higher. This proves that the amount of money a parent of a homeschooled student spends on their child does not largely affect their success in education.

In order for a child to be successful as they grow older, they must be educated properly in both subjects and social skills. Students can learn from a variety of options, from public schooling to homeschooling, but it all depends on the students and which option they prefer. Homeschooling can be a great way for many for many modern day students.