Parties are social events meant to bring people together for the purpose of fun or entertainment. In addition, individuals meet new people, socialize and learn about different people from different cultures. Social events like birthday parties, weddings, and retirement parties provide an excellent opportunity for networking. Other than having fun, people feel loved and appreciated when parties are held in their honor.

For example, anniversary parties to celebrate the marriage of certain couples and birthday parties honoring the date of birth of individuals (Montemurro 2). The main purpose of parties is to bring people together. This togetherness builds trust between friends or relatives (Montemurro 2). The fun they get exposed to creates courage within them that empowers them to interact with new faces. In most cases, individuals who are shy get an opportunity to learn how to socialize and express themselves freely.

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Parties make people forget about the stressful side of life, and instead bring joy and love among the attendees. Parties enable individuals to know each other and build relationships. People get a chance to talk about their favorite games, sports, dance and many more. This opportunity creates a peaceful and loving society as everyone feels appreciated.